MTTB 21 Step Program Scam- Don’t Click “Add To Cart”

My Top Tier Business (MTTB) 21 Step Program ScamI’ve already written about Matt Lloyd’s MOBE training platform. If you read it, you would know I’m not a fan of the guy. Today I want to talk more about why I believe MTTB’s 21 step program is a scam. This program is the pinnacle starting point of how thousands of people lose money becoming a MOBE member.

It’s the first program that most people tend to jump on when joining. You watch this attractive video on how you can make a full time income just by working;

“30 minutes to an hour a day”

If only it was that easy… All you need to do is pay a one time $49 dollar fee and you will be well on your way. Although at first it’s advertised you get all this information for free, and then towards the end all of sudden you need to pay a “small” fee. OK, fine. You pay for the program and then you should be well on your way.

You even get a private coach to help you along the way. How cool is that? This guy supposedly makes six figures so he must be legitimate, Right? Bernie Madoff made billions and he wasn’t legitimate at all. Anyways… where was I?

So, Now that you have paid the $49, everything seems fine. Nobody discloses the fact that you need to pay thousands of dollars after. Don’t believe me? Check out my MOBE review to see the list of all the prices for the different programs. Today I just want to focus on the 21 step program called My Top Tier Business system. Below I have compiled a list of all of the 21 steps and a description of what you learn in each step.

This will probably be the most in-depth review you will find on the 21 steps because people are not allowed to give out this information by signing a non-disclosure before moving onto step six. I managed to find a loophole even though I’m not sure how. If you cannot read it all now, Bookmark the page for another day when you have more time. It is a must read because I do not want you to become a victim of the unethical ponzi scheme.

My Top Tier Business Systems 21 Step ProgramMttb done for you direct sales system

When you sign up for MTTB, you are assigned a coach. He is suppose to be there to help answer any questions that you may have. Another thing he does is slowly unlock each step to the program. After Every few steps that you complete you must set up another Skype session or phone call to get the next few steps unlocked.

I wouldn’t say this is such a terrible thing since it could help keep a newbie from being completely overwhelmed in the beginning. Then again, I’m not the typical person and hate having things still locked after I just spent the money to purchase the program. I would feel bad if the program where to get shutdown.

Considering everything is “Done For You”, you wouldn’t have any knowledge to create a business yourself if something were to happen. You would lose your only stream of income without knowledge to build a second stream.

Disclaimer: I felt I should go ahead and throw this disclaimer out there so there is no confusion. I have watched most of the videos, although I did not pay for the program because it’s a rip-off. I’m not sure how I got access, but I got kicked out after I finished watching the final step in the My Top Tier Business system. There are multiple videos in each step and I only watched one in each step.

Step 1- How To Make 6 Figures In Your First Year With Top TierMTTB- How To Make 6 Figures In Your First Year With Top Tier

Before you can start making money, you need to understand what exactly everything is. In this training video, Matt Lloyd explains;

  • What exactly Top Tier means?
  • Why it’s a must in today economy?
  • As well as, What the pros and cons are of the different systems available for you to use.

Top Tier, when referred to MOBE, refers to the commissions. It’s a fancy name for high priced product and services. Matt Lloyd believes that selling “High” ticket products is the best way to go. You can earn more money with a less amount of sales. Of course, if you are selling anything expensive; you can expect there not to be as many sales. Not as many people can afford it. You are also taught the five essential elements of an online business.

Honestly though, I did watch the the video and it is just not the correct way to teach people.  One of the first lessons they talk about is paid advertisement for your website. How it’s better than free traffic through SEO. The reason being is instead of paying for SEO with money; you are paying for it with your time. Matt Lloyd makes it sound like time isn’t worth it. You need to get money fast.

Here’s the thing. Every businesses goal that does internet marketing wants to be on the top pages of Google. If you can rank number one, then you will attract a lot of traffic. With PPC (pay per click) you are paying to be on the front page. It cost you money and not every campaign is going to be successful for you. As soon as you stop PPC no one will find you.

Doing content marketing, where you are blogging everyday using search engine optimization to get good rankings. You are now ranking in the top ten without paying a penny. Not only that, if you are producing quality content you could rank number for an article for years and years after you wrote it. Just the other day, I was doing some research and the number 1 spot was taken by an article that was written in the year 2,000.

The quality was superb and I can tell you right now that person that created that article is probably making hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year just because of that one article. He’s spending absolutely no money to be in the top SERPs and making tons of money. Doesn’t that make time worth it?

You spend the time to produce high-quality content and one article could make you thousands of thousands of dollars for years to come. He might’ve spent 8 hours producing that article, but if you divide the thousands of dollars that he made by those eight hours. Your hourly pay would be $1,000 plus an hour.  Had that guy just focused on PPC, his post probably wouldn’t have been written as well meaning that:

  1. Once his PPC campaign ended; his post would’ve sank down to the bottom pages of Google rarely ever being seen again
  2. He wouldn’t be making thousands of dollars years after that article was published

Neil Patel blog everydayto succeed

Neil Patel is a millionaire internet marketer and was paid $25,000 for one day of service helping Russel Brunson. I think this statement right here can basically tell you why Matt Lloyd is not teaching the correct way by saying paid traffic is the best.

In the future it will be too difficult, with too much competition, for you to do paid advertising. Matt Lloyd himself blogs everyday on his websites. Even he knows the correct way too teach you marketing. So why doesn’t he?

Step 2- Discover The Missing Ingredient 99% Miss In Business SuccessMTTB- Discover The Missing Ingredient 99% Miss In Business Success

This video talks about what 99% of businesses miss when climbing the ladder of success, and what the difference is between making a million and falling into bankruptcy. The video talks about the Tactical Triangle which is basically the E=mc² of marketing. Most businesses that fail think that you only need 3 ingredients to succeed;

  1. Traffic-Who is hungry for what you are providing.
  2. Conversions- Creating that product and selling it to the hungry consumers
  3. Sales-How many sales did you make today?

MTTB goes on to explain the missing ingredient is Economics. How much does it cost for you to acquire that customer? If you are spending more than you are making, obviously you will eventually fail. The video explains how you need to first look at how much it will cost you, before you starting driving traffic towards your product.

This is fine that information is explained, but up to this point I wasn’t impressed. A lot of this stuff is words that aren’t really necessary for you to succeed. The programs first few steps is more of an overview of what goes on, but they haven’t explained to you about setting anything up.

The biggest thing they have you focused on, is paid traffic. How you need paid traffic to attract your victim, and how you need to sell “high” ticket products so that way you can get a return on your investment since you will be paying big bucks for traffic. From my observation, they are basically preparing you for the harvest. Watering your crops everyday until it’s time to be harvested.

There are many upsells in this program that cost you from a few thousand to over 10,000 dollars. Because of this they strive to manipulate you in the first few steps so when it’s time to upsell. You would have already been thinking “I’ve gotta get this!”

Step 3- How To Unlock Your Millionaire MindMTTB- How To Unlock Your Millionaire Mind

This step talks about what you do daily to keep you from unlocking your true potential. You want to think like a millionaire and make decisions like a millionaire to succeed. Having the mindset of an employee makes you afraid to create your own worth because you aren’t willing to go outside of your comfort zone of having a 9-5 job.

Instead of thinking about the obstacles that keep getting in your way, you need to focus on the opportunity at hand and how you will overcome these obstacles. It also goes hand in hand with the environment you are in too. If you are hanging around a whole bunch of bums with no money, then you will probably end up becoming one of them.

If you hang out with successful people, then you will become one of them. While this is how you have a , statistically speaking, better chance depending on your environment of influence; you can still succeed even in a crappy environment. I grew up in poverty. I was on welfare my whole life. Missed birthdays…Christmases…My parents couldn’t afford to give me gifts.

If anything, this crappy environment is what pushed me to grab a greater life than what I had. when I have kids, I don’t want them to live the same life that I grew up in. Isn’t that how every parent feels about their child? That’s why we try to spoil them. My mom’s boyfriend works. He has, obviously, a lot more experience than I do. He’s been around longer.

At 19, I’m already making more money than he does at his current job. Does he deserve to be paid more? Ya, of course. He’s way underpaid, but the point is even if he is underpaid; I’m making more than him. I’m out here chasing my dreams and pushing myself to have a better life. I’m on pace to do that. I kind of already have.

Even though not everybody would consider what I have accomplished as success, it’s still success to me. I’ve already bettered my life. I’ve managed to buy two cars before I turned 21. I got my own place six months after I moved out of my parents house. This didn’t make me a millionaire yet, but these are the kind of stepping stones that you want to take on your way to creating your dream life.

If you have the mindset where small steps of success don’t count, then you have the wrong mindset. This is why you aren’t making millions. Even if you takes a few steps forward, you will always fall back because you didn’t let the small steps of success motivate you to keep pushing forward.

Step 4- Why 85% Of Franchises Succeed And Most Other Businesses FailMy Top Tier Business- Why 85% Of Franchises Succeed And Most Other Businesses Fail

Matt Lloyd likes to compare MOBE to a franchise like Mcdonalds. The video talks about how Franchises will succeed commonly because they already have a proven system in place before the franchise is bought. Which is better; Selling a million hamburgers at a dollar each or buying a franchise for a million dollars that already has been proven to work?

This is the comparison made to try to convince you why My Online Business Education is so great. They tell you how you should be spending money on the more expensive franchise instead of creating your own business because you will have better, faster results without having to build it yourself.

Franchises are great, but just because you buy a franchise doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to succeed. I myself have always preferred the mom and pop shops over a franchise because the quality is usually better. Should we use that as a comparison for MTTB?

Step 5- What Is Even More Lucrative Than A Franchise ModelMy Top Tier Business- What Is Even More Lucrative Than A Franchise Model

This video is the last video before the upselling begins. They even give you a foreshadowing of what’s to come. They start off by talking about what makes MOBE the perfect business model and why it has grown so fast in the industry. I will give credit though, They finally gave some information that actually had a tiny bit of value.

They explained about what a niche is and how you don’t want to be too broad. They could’ve explained it a lot better than they did, but at least there finally was some information worth taking note of for a beginning marketer. After that, they talked a lot about why MOBE’s products are the best and how lucrative MOBE can be for your business.

They tell you this is the best way to make money and how you need to have expensive products to sell or you will not last very long. You need to tap into people’s emotions and make them feel like going through you is the best way to show you how to have success. People buy a Mercedes not because it’s got a better engine. They buy it so they can show all their friends and neighbors how successful they are.

The video basically says it that way. Which just kind of gives you the foreshadowing that you are about to be up sold expensive products to sell. Even at the end of the video, it tells you on the next step they will be going over the products MOBE has to offer. Are you guys catching on yet about how these steps is less training and more up selling?

TOP SECRET: After step 5, you are suppose to sign a non-disclosure before moving on to the next step. This is so the competitors can’t find out the secrets of the business model. Or it would be more competitive and tougher for MOBE to succeed. However, I am not sure how I did it, but I managed to watch all 21 steps of MTTB without signing the disclosure.

Step 6- How To License A Proven And Profitable Online BusinessMTTB- How To License A Proven And Profitable Online Business

I hope you have been calling your coach every step like the videos tell you, because at the end of this step is when you need to make the most important phone call of all the steps. This is the step where the first upsell is revealed. You need to buy MOBE Licensing Rights Program.

Previously being sold for $1,997; it is now sold for $2,497. This product gives you the license (rights) to sell four of the most popular programs MOBE has to offer. One of the products you sell is the license itself to other prospects.

Almost sounds like a pyramid scheme. You purchase the membership so you can sell it to the next person. This is how you will make a lot of money. Without making this purchase you can’t make money on any “high” ticket products.

So, at the end of this video be sure to call your coach *Cough* personal Sales Representative* So you can purchase the rights to the program. If you haven’t made it to this lesson yet, you should seriously stop now. Didn’t we look for ways to make money online because we weren’t making enough? Or maybe we were unemployed? So, please tell me how can I afford to pay almost $2500 to truly get started?

Should I just put forth this months rent and hope I make money before It’s due? Up to this point the $49 people spend to just get the the MTTB system has wasted their money. Forking out this much more money doesn’t make me comfortable when I haven’t seen much training except for:

” Paid Traffic is important to succeed, and we have the perfect Done For You system.”

Step 7- How To Get The Expert Support You Need To SucceedMOBE support- How To Get The Expert Support You Need To Succeed

By this step, you are expected to have purchased the MOBE License Rights Program. If you haven’t, then you aren’t following the steps like you are suppose to. Which means, you won’t be successful. Matt Lloyd pretty much guarantees, only if you follow each step precisely how you are suppose to; you will do well in this business.

The other stuff talked about is how you can get support, training, and coaching to succeed. They tell you to join their TOP Secret Facebook Group and join them on the Daily Power up calls and training webinars. Of course, make sure you are connecting with your coach too. The video was short so there really isn’t much other stuff to add, but I’m sure you get the point.

Why Pay Thousands To Learn When There are Better Programs?

Step 8- How To Get Paid Quickly & Easily With MOBEMy online business empire- How To Get Paid Quickly & Easily With MOBE

This video explains how to get paid doing it quickly and easily. They ask you to set up an E-wallet with them so you can get paid from transactions all over the world.

Though I do not know what the fees are because you aren’t told until you already opened up an account.I do know, however, there is a monthly maintenance fee and a fee for certain transactions. The fees will deduct automatically when you get paid or withdraw your commissions. You get paid every two weeks on Fridays.

Step 9- How To Get $3,000 Commissions With No Extra WorkMatt Lloyd secret- How To Get $3,000 Commissions With No Extra Work

Upsell number two comes into play in this video. To increase your revenue to new levels, MOBE promotes the Titanium Mastermind. This is a 3 day& 4 night building business event hosted at five star resorts in exotic locations around the world. When you attend you will learn the secrets of how elite marketers earn 7 & 8 figure incomes.

One example is Joe Sugarman, a legend when it came to marketing innovations. You will also receive the rights to sell the Titanium Mastermind when you purchase the program. It cost $9,997. But don’t worry, The price is worth it since you get to travel in style staying at these expensive resorts that don’t mean much to your business.

You’ll also get the chance to meet with like-minded individuals that payed as well to stay at resorts that cost more than what the speakers have to offer. I can understand going to seminars and live events so I can gain more knowledge, but these expensive, exotic locations are not necessary. I’d rather pay $10 to go to some event at a small hotel. Just another way for Matt Lloyd to take advantage of your money.

Step 10- How To Get $5,000 Commissions With No Extra WorkMy online business education- How To Get $5,000 Commissions With No Extra Work

If the last step didn’t get you enough vacation time at some exquisite resort; Don’t worry. You can go on a 5 day & 6 night trip this time. All you need to do is purchase Platinum Mastermind for $16,667.  While you are there to learn, you will also get to go zip lining, snorkeling, ride dune buggies and drink martinis at the pool.

You will get to network too with some of the most wealthiest, and powerful mentors in the world. You will get 1-1 time with them so they can spill out all their secrets to success that the general population are kept from. Hmmm….

While there may be some vast knowledge that you can attain, why do we have to go snorkeling? Yes, I do like having fun. but it would be a lot cheaper for the individuals to attend if we can just have a conference without it being some 5 start resort.

Don’t you want to spend the money to make more money? Having fun isn’t making me more money. It’s only hurting my wallet. If you have followed all the steps up to this point; Then that means you are in the red $29,210 and you probably haven’t made a sale yet. I mean it is only day 10. Success doesn’t come overnight. I’m sooo glad that the program was only going to cost me $49.

But hey, at least you now have another program in your arsenal of products to sell to other naive prospects. Plus it doesn’t give you any extra work since it’s the “phone sales team” that sells the program on your part while you get some of the commissions for it.

Step 11- How To Get A Brand New Car Paid For Every MonthMOBE motors- How To Get A Brand New Car Paid For Every Month

So you want to drive a flashy car. Maybe a Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, get a BMW, etc…Well now you can within the next 90 days. This video talks about different perks in the MOBE system. If you are making $5,000 a month you can drive that free dream car. Too bad it’s only leased to you. If you sell 20 platinum programs than you can get a free platinum ring with diamonds ingrained in it.

Residual income is another benefit as long as members under you are paying monthly membership fees for some of the programs like the titanium inner circle monthly newsletter. Incentives are always great great to have in a program.

It’s one of the things that motivates a lot of people to keep going. However, a truly successful, legitimate business shouldn’t have to incentivize with expensive cars and rings to attract you to join. You probably here me say it a lot. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t fall for the trap.

Step 12- How The Phone Teams Makes You Money 24/7MTTB- How The Phone Teams Makes You Money 24/7

This lesson is dedicated to the phone team. It talks about how your phone team makes you money 24/7. Phone sale partners don’t get paid unless they make a sale, so it’s really important for them to perform well. If they don’t, they won’t be around for a very long time.

If you are a platinum mastermind member, you have have access to training that will teach you how to become your own phone sales person (only if you wanted to).

Before you can call back your own leads to execute a sale, you must first be a platinum member and have sold at least five MOBE licensing rights programs first. If you do sell to your own leads, you could make $2,000 extra for selling a titanium mastermind membership.

Step 13- How The MOBE Team Builds Your Business EverydayMTTB- How The MOBE Team Builds Your Business Everyday

Matt Lloyd likes talking about being a team in a lot of his videos. In this video you are introduced to a lot of the staff members. Sales reps, customer service agents, active MOBE members, etc… This took up a majority of the video. The other part was talked about getting to the live events.

Matt Lloyd stated “Nothing else would help your business more, than getting to these live events.” Of course these cost money to attend too, but at least they’re only $497 instead of the thousands of dollars that you have already spent on the other products. There are two different events.

One is call the Home Based Summit. This three day event is suppose to teach you the exact steps it takes to make $5,000-$10,000 every month. Of course, all the millionaires are suppose to share there deep dark secrets to success as well.

The other event, Supercharge Summit, talks about top secret traffic sources for your leads. If you haven’t bought the Platinum or Titanium Masterminds yet, they will also be talking about how you need to get them so you make more money. You will learn here how to double, triple, maybe even quadruple your sales.

Step 14- How To Make 5x More Money Without Any Additional WorkTop Tier business- How To Make 5x More Money Without Any Additional Work

It’s all about understanding how you earn money and what the numbers are to get a lot of money. This video talks about the compensation and why you should get into “full position”. Full position meaning purchasing the rights to all the products right away.

If someone make a purchase through you, say the MLR, and you haven’t purchase the program yet yourself, then the commission gets passed onto your sponsor making you no money for that sale. The video basically tells you it’s a bad strategy to wait on purchasing all these programs.

The correct strategy is to purchase all the programs right away, get in to full position, so that way when you get the next Michael Jordan of marketing on your team you can make commissions off their sales (5%). This is just to0 much money for me to put upfront before making any money.

Step 15- How Goals Are The GPS To Your SuccessTop tier system- How Goals Are The GPS To Your Success

It’s all about goal setting. That is something I can agree on. That is the basis of this video. Creating goals for your business and then breaking them down into smaller goals so you can succeed easily. Without goals; this makes it tougher for you to perform well.

Your like a lost puppy wondering the streets unsure where your home is. If you don’t set goals you will be lost. You want to create a road-map to follow. A higher percentage of people complete their goals when written down compared to just saying it out loud. Remind yourself what you want to achieve daily so it’s instilled in your brain.

Step 16- How To Create Success Faster With Helping Hands

This step talks about accountability. It talks about why it matters and how it compounds your results. First thing to do is to set a clear schedule of when you are going to do what task. When you have a clear plan this can help you achieve your goals faster. Having an accountability buddy will help make sure you stay on that path making you achieve results achieve even faster.

Your coach would be one of those accountability buddies, but you should probably find more than one. Nothings more annoying than a ton of people breathing down your neck lecturing you to keep going. Not without a purpose though. This can annoy people enough where they will say screw it, and just finish their task like they are suppose too.

Step 17- How To Finance Your New Business VentureMOBE- How To Finance Your New Business Venture

A lot of people joining this program don’t have much money to spend. That’s kind of the point to why they joined MTTB. So that way they can make more money. Matt Lloyd says that not being able to afford your MOBE business is an excuse. There are many different ways that you can fund your business and this video dives into those steps.

  1. Your Assets (Get a home equity loan or sell high priced stuff that you don’t use anymore if you don’t have the liquid)
  2. Credit cards (This allows you to pay for everything today, and pay back the money tomorrow)
  3. Friends & family (who better to ask than the ones you love?)
  4. Bank loan- It’s better to get more in debt before you pull yourself out of debt
  5. SBA Loan
  6. Micro loan
  7. Social lending
  8. Big Sale- Goes back to the beginning with selling your stuff.

I’m not going to go into everything they talked about. They do also mention getting a second job temporarily, but as you can see for the most point they tell you to get some type of loan or sell your stuff.

This is something I highly do not recommend. Especially when the Training platform I use has a free starter membership that will help you earn money before you even spend a penny. But, this isn’t a “Done For You” system. So, you will actually have to learn something and do work. I know that’s dreadful.

But, success doesn’t come easy or else the whole world would be rich. MTTB can say it’s not a shiny object, but it definitely falls under it’s definition. Colin Powell, a respected Four star general of the United States Army, and the first African American to serve as the U.S. Secretary of States; Once said this.there no secrets to success

Only 1% of MOBE members succeed and make enough to live off of going through the MOBE program. So, do you really want to take the chance of loosing everything by getting huge loans from Friends, Families, and banks that you only have a 1% percent chance of ever paying it back through the program you just invested in?

Step 18- How To Get Steady Streams Of Traffic Visitors 24/7MOBE traffic- How To Get Steady Streams Of Traffic Visitors 24/7

Hence the name, you will learn different sources of attracting traffic to your website. This is technically the only job you are taught to do in the program. Everything else is “done for you” so you don’t have to focus on too many things at once.

It’s no surprise that this is the step they want you to do. It is the step that will cost you the most money. You can pay for traffic though there website. This is so Matt Lloyd can make even more money off you by charging more for traffic than what you actually would pay for. Some of the sources they talk about is:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Solo Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Blogging
  • Direct Mail
  • Done-For-You traffic.


MTTB done for you traffic price plan

If you pay for Done For You traffic, the above basically shows how many customers they can attract you and the cost per month. No one can ever guarantee you traffic that will lead to buyers. The world isn’t perfect enough for that. So going through them you could be losing thousands more spending money on traffic before you ever make a sale; If you actually do at some point.

While the video does mention about blogging and doing keyword research, this is their least favorite method and least recommended when you are just starting because it’s slower to gain traffic. Referring back to step three, I already talked a little bit about the future of inbound traffic. It’s free traffic through blogging; not paid.

Just think about if another 300,000 people join MOBE. you will have to spend more and more money on traffic because the competition keeps getting more and more fierce. Only 10% of traffic goes through paid ads while over 70% goes to organic searches.

Most people skip ads. They are sick of seeing them on a daily basis while browsing the web. You can scale your business a lot better by using SEO to gain organic traffic. Plus you need to beat out the competition. Be different than the rest of the people that promote so you can stand out. The people that succeed are the ones that don’t follow the pack, but instead lead it.

Step 19- How To Get Access To Even More OpportunitiesMOBE upsells- How To Get Access To Even More Opportunities

When you do your own phone calls this can almost potentially double your income. You get paid the 50% commission for making a sale plus the commission that another phone sales person would’ve made if they closed the deal themselves. As My online Business Education (formerly known as My online business Empire) grows with more victims, they will need more people to be a part of the phone sales team.

They prefer hiring from the inside and tell you that you can make up to $50,000 a month closing sales for other people. While this would be a nice income, most people struggle with selling on the phone. You need to be highly skilled to do this. If you are one of the lucky ones to make it big, phone sales could be pretty lucrative for your income. Though unlikely it will happen.

If only 1% succeed with MOBE, then imagine how much smaller of a percentage of people would actually qualify to be apart of the sales team. 0.5%? 0.1%? Or is the number even lower that qualify?

Step 20- Discover Your WHY And Manifest Your Success For LifeMTTB- Discover Your WHY And Manifest Your Success For Life

This step is all about the Why? Part of succeeding is knowing why you are here. If your Why is big enough, you will do whatever it takes to get to that level. Don’t just say you want to go on vacation three times a month.

The video goes on to explain to dig deeper. Why do you want to go on vacation three times a month? Who do you want to go with? Where do you want to go? Why do you want to go there? Figure out the answer to all your “Whys” so you have something to motivate you to push forward. Know what you want, and why you want it, then go out and get it.

Step 21- Discover A Special One-Time Offer, You Don’t Want To MissMOBE discount- Discover A Special One-Time Offer, You Don't Want To Miss

You have now reached the final step in My Top Tier Business system. So, what better way to end everything then reiterating the fact you need to be fully in position and upgrade to Titanium and Platinum Mastermind so you can get commissions for selling them.

If you haven’t bought the other programs yet, You can give your coach a call now, and he will offer you a one-time special offer to get you to buy the programs. It will more than likely be cheaper than the prices I have listed. Now that you have invested all of your money. You can finally start selling the rights to the different systems.

You will receive different kinds of links at the end of this video for you to go through. One of these links will be your affiliate link that tracks which sales come from you. To be honest, it’s kind of sad you are suppose to invest over 30K before you even start attempting to make money. You literally just put a down payment on a house in the last 21 days. How dumb can you be?

For those of you that just got offended because you are one of these victims; I’m sorry. Feel free to defend how great MOBE is below and how you “didn’t” get scammed by them. If you are reading this and have “made” six figures with MOBE; then congratulations! You are one of the people that scammed 99% of the people that signed up under you out of their money. How does this make you feel?

For those wondering what the next step is after step 21; You now have access to the 30 day traffic plan. You would connect with your coach and get help from him setting everything up.

Get Out Of Debt With Your Own Free Business HereMake money online with a legitmate business

Final Thoughts On MTTB’s 21 Step Program Scam

I’ve gone through all the steps for you so you don’t have to waste your own money on this program. Do you see why I don’t recommend it? Let’s just do some math real quick so you can see how much you have invested if you follow the 21 steps like you are suppose too.

$49 (MTTB)+ $2,497 (MLR) + $9,997 (Titanium) + $16,667 (Platinum) +$497 (Supercharge) + $497 (Home-based) = $30,204 spent in the first 21 days of joining this program. The program that doesn’t even give you access to your links to promote MOBE until you finished the 21 steps and have invested substantial amounts of money.

If you think about, I haven’t even added into the cost of paid traffic that you’ll want and maintaining a website. Hosting, Domain name, etc…Also, the cost for having an E-wallet account with MOBE too. The total cost will end up be way over the 30K that I added up.

If you joined because you need to make money, You hate your job, and need something that pays more; then this isn’t for you. It’s not affordable. If you have this money in cash to invest, then I’m assuming you probably make enough where you don’t need to invest in some “get-rich quick” scheme.

If you still want to supplement your income, then join a real business that can teach you how to have long term success. Once you stop paying for traffic with MOBE; you stop receiving traffic to your website. To me, that’s short term success because the business will become more difficult as the competition within MOBE becomes bigger.

Cost are higher to pay for paid traffic, meaning your profit margins are cut until eventually dwindling down to zero. Even if your income doesn’t falter to zero, eventually the market will become too saturated after everyone has spent all their money.

So, like I said. Learn how to build a legitimate online business to create a passive income that will last long term for you. It’s best to have multiple streams of income in case one stream drys out. I can teach you how to do that.

Questions And Concerns

please be sure to state your opinion below. Please Leave comments. Have you been considering joining My Top Tier Business? Can you even afford to pay the amount of money they recommend you to invest in? If you have joined as a member, how has it been working for you? Are you making six figures?

Let me know your thoughts. If you have more questions, leave those below too.

Best Regards,


P.S. For those that have been questioning the “make money in 30 days or I’ll pay you $500” statement that Matt Lloyd makes. You have to follow all 21 steps how you are taught. This means if you aren’t purchasing the expensive products, you won’t qualify for the guarantee. No matter how you look at it; you will be in the red after you sign up.



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