AZ Millionaire Method Review- 5 Vital Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy

AZ Millionaire Method, a system that is suppose to make you a million dollars your first year. But is this true? I bought the system to find out. Truth is, they’re no good. There’s a lot of information you need to know before you make the purchase. So take the time to read so you are in the know.

Today, I’m going to give you my AZ Millionaire Method Review and 5 vital reasons you should not buy the system.

Let’s dive in!

Quick Report:AZ Millionaire Method Review- 5 Vital Reasons You Shouldn't Buy

Product Name: AZ Millionaire Method

Owner: Ryan Ford


Price: $7 + Upsells

Rating: 1/10

Recommended? No, this isn’t a money making system. It’s a 13 page pdf that won’t help you earn a million dollars.

Alternative: If you want a place that has all the training, tools, and support you need to succeed then check out my #1 recommendation that has helped thousands earn a full-time income online.

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What is the AZ Millionaire Method?

What is the AZ Millionaire Method

The AZ Millionaire Method is a 2019 system that is for any ordinary person that is looking to earn life changing money. You don’t need any marketing experience, or any prior knowledge, and can earn a million dollars your first year using the system.

It’s like you are living in a fantasy world with the amount of money you can make in a fairly short timespan with this system. But this is also a reason to have doubts AZ Millionaire Method will live up to the hype promised.

Unless you win the lottery, it’s unheard of for average Joe’s to make this kind of money overnight without some kind of effort or hard work implemented. I definitely haven’t discovered anything that lives up to this kind of hype.

This is why I made the purchase to get the inside scoop on a personal level. So you can have the information before you make the purchase yourself.

Who is Ryan Ford?

Ryan Ford is the spokesperson for the system. He claims to have found out about AZ Millionaire Method from an old classmate he hasn’t spoken to in 20 years, but received an email after his friend heard about a tragic car accident Ryan was in.

Ryan tells a typical story about how he had a secure job until a tragedy struck and his life got thrown into shambles. But, out of mere luck or chance, an old classmate heard about his story through the grapevine and decided he wanted to help out financially by showing Ryan how he makes money.

Ryan checks out this system he’s skeptical about, takes a few minutes setting everything up, and…BOOM! After only a few minutes of setting everything up he was making thousands of dollars the very same day as if a miracle just happened and the cash gods were watching.

If you review as many scam products as I do, you will see these stories quite often. It’s a way to make you think there’s a real person behind the video that has a story you can empathize with.

However, look up Ryan’s name or his car accident and you won’t find any news stories about him because he tells a fabricated story.

More than likely he is just using a pen name to keep himself anonymous.

Once there are no sales for the product he’s selling he’ll more than likely close up shop and reopen as a new business using a rehashed system.

How Does AZ Millionaire Method Work?

How Does AZ Millionaire Method Work

Ryan explains in the video that the millions he and other customers are making come from Amazon, a company that earns billions every year. You are able to grab your “small” slice of the pie by becoming an Amazon Affiliate. Not much else is said, but becoming an affiliate is a legitimate way to earn money.

Basically, You affiliate yourself with different companies you love (Amazon, Northface, Walmart, etc…), then you will promote their products. Every time someone purchases through your unique referral or affiliate link you will receive a commission.

Social Media Marketing, Ads, YouTube, Email Marketing, and content marketing are a few of the methods you can use to earn commissions for promoting the products or services you choose.

There isn’t much else explained in the sales video, but affiliate marketing is how I earn money.

It takes a lot of hard work, and you definitely don’t earn thousands on day one. I wish it was that easy. So while the method mentioned is a great way to earn an online income, there is too much hype to make me feel you are going to receive a solid system that works as advertised.

Cost of AZ Millionaire Method

Cost of AZ millionaire method

When someone tells me you are going to make millions and for paying a one-time low price, I always ask,” What’s the catch?”. The AZ Millionaire Method is not the only cost if you want full access. So let’s look into what you are paying.

The Front End Offer

The AZ Millionaire Method System- $37 $7

This is the original system that is suppose to show you how to make a million dollars your first year as an Amazon Affiliate. Set up in less than 30 minutes and just 10 minutes of work a day is all that’s required.


As soon as you purchase The AZ Millionaire Method you are struck with multiple upsells. This is because Ryan knows once you take a peak inside you wont make any other purchases. So instead you are sold these “one-time offers” before you get access to make you think you’ll get so much more. I never buy the upsells right away and recommend you don’t either.

I want to test the product before I dive head first.

A good program will still have the upsell later for you after you realize you are getting tons of value from the first product.

Some of these scam programs I have received the upsell even when I didn’t make the purchase. So you are not always getting extra tools and resources for spending more money. Cash Sniper and Private Cash Sites are examples of not receiving anything extra.

Million Method Pro- $197

This is the first upsell. With Million Method Pro you will get set up much faster than the basic system. Instead of one million, you will have the opportunity to earn Two million dollars your first year. The biggest reason is because you will be getting more traffic through methods that even “expert marketers” are not aware of.

Auto Profiter…- $177

Ryan didn’t give an exact name for this product, but apparently he found a “secret gap” in Amazon that will help you earn 5X more profit on auto pilot. Just a few extra clicks.

Inside AZ Millionaire Method Member’s Area

Inside AZ Millionaire Method Member's Area

Make the purchase, skip the upsells, then you are inside AZ Millionaire Method Member’s Area. You may be shocked to see that website is pretty empty. Just dust bowls passing through.

There is no system to set up or money to make. No step by step training, or easy set up tutorial to place you on the right path. Just a simple link asking you to download a 13 page PDF about making money with Amazon.

Here’s a screenshot of the table of contents.

AZ Millionaire Method Training

Minus the eBook cover, table of contents, and disclaimer page, you are just left with a 10 page rehashed eBook.

Firstly, There is no 10 page book with limited information that is going to guarantee your financial freedom.

Secondly, You are told you are going to earn as an Amazon affiliate, but doesn’t even give that information.

Making money publishing Kindle books and creating an Amazon store are not easy task. This takes more than 10 minutes a day.

And there’s no guidance on how to perform these tasks.

You are just left more along the lines, ” Amazon is a great way to make money. You can do this a few different ways. Good luck on your journey.”

While I didn’t purchase any upsells, I have no doubt that you won’t be receiving anything better purchasing them. You can’t even make a dollar with this “system”.

5 Vital Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy AZ Millionaire Method

I bought AZ Millionaire Method so you can have the inside scoop before making a decision. I’ve gone over the cost, explained what it’s about, and showed you the inside. Now I’m going to list my five reasons you shouldn’t do what I did and purchase AZ Millionaire Method.

AZ millionaire method income proof#1. False Income Claims- First and foremost, I already showed you that you would be purchasing an eBook.

So all the screenshots of “income proof” can be tossed out the window.

Maybe they are real, maybe they are photo-shopped. It wouldn’t be hard to do. But books don’t make you money.

They only give you knowledge to make you money.

So there is no possible way any of the money Ryan claimed to have made came from AZ Millionaire Method. And the book certainly doesn’t provided the knowledge to make a million dollars your first year.

Maybe the money came from selling the system to you?…

#2. Fake Testimonials- Look on Fiverr and you find these “members”. That’s because they are paid actors and actresses. These people probably never even bothered to see what they are selling.

You can see the proof below in the screenshots.

AZ Millionaire Method pays acctors for fake reviews

This should tell you what you need to know about AZ Millionaire Method and the people behind the “system”. They pay people to lie so you will get these false hopes and buy. They are not looking out for you. Just want to drain your wallet.

AZ Millionaire Method hires actors from Fiverr

She’s also been involved in other scam programs like Secret Millionaire Bot.

You need to be apart of a training program that has tons of real people giving reviews. That’s how you get the best idea of the program before you buy.

#3. Claims You Can Make Thousands Today- I don’t like being lied too. And between #1 and #2 it’s obvious lies are prevalent in the video. There’s a timer that counts down below the video that tells you to “Make up to $3,000 today”. Of course, you don’t act now and you miss out on your chance. Refresh the page and timer just resets. I’ve already established you won’t be making money overnight.

#4. Not as Advertised- You don’t go to the gym to buy coffee, do you? While you are given info on Amazon you are not taught anything about becoming an Amazon Affiliate, and there’s no system to set up to make millions. The two reasons you would buy AZ Millionaire Method.

#5. No Privacy Policy- Websites have privacy policies so you can see how they use your information. Without any privacy policy there is nothing to say they won’t sell your information to a third party. This is where you will get thrown on those Solo Ad email list and get bombarded by other scam products. That’s no fun, is it?

Pros and Cons of AZ Millionaire Method

There’s good parts and the bad side to every program. So let’s sum up the pros and cons of AZ millionaire Method.


  • 60 Day Money Back Guaranteed
  • Um…


  • Fake Testimonials
  • False Income Claims
  • Just a rehashed eBook
  • You won’t make money

Is AZ Millionaire Method a Scam?

There’s always going to be debate of what program is and isn’t a scam. There’s always reasons to justify your purchase. It’s up to you to decide what your personal choice is. In my opinion, AZ Millionaire Method is a scam.

Anytime time someone try’s to con you out of your money through deceit it’s not a person you are going to want to be associated with. AZ Millionaire Method Gives:

  • Fake Testimonials
  • False Income Claims
  • And Lies about what you will be receiving

Sounds like a scam to me, wouldn’t you agree?

This why it just wouldn’t be ethical of me to recommend AZ Millionaire Method.

Affiliate Marketing is a Legitimate Business

Even though I don’t recommend AZ Millionaire Method, becoming an Amazon Affiliate and earning through affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model. Though, Amazon shouldn’t be the only affiliate program you use.

Affiliate marketing is my favorite business model for a variety of reasons.

#1. You don’t have to create or own any products.

#2. You don’t have to deal with customer service.

#3. You get to create the brand and direction you want your business to move towards.

#4. You come up with the ideas and create the content. It can be about anything. Skincare, Video Games, Beer Brewing, Sports.

#5. You are the boss. You have the flexibility to choose when and where you work.

#6. You can work anywhere in the world. Just need a laptop and internet connection.

#7. Low overhead cost. You can start at zero cost. Though, this will take more time to earn, or you can invest a few hundred dollars for training, support, and all the tools you need to succeed. Either way, you won’t have to fork out thousands like a brick and mortar store to get started.

#8. The money you earn is solely based on your effort. The potential is limitless. The harder you work and strive towards your goals, the more money you can earn.

And I’m sure I could list more reasons, but I think you get the point 😉

Don’t get wrong. It takes hard work and patience. Many people quit before they hit the gold because they stop mining at the last inch of the wall. Just a little farther and things might’ve been different.

If you can keep inching forward and put in the hard work, then I believe anyone can become a success story.

But it takes more than just willpower.

You need the right training. You need the right tools. Lastly, you need the support. The guidance to push you in the right direction so you don’t stop mining for gold.

I’ve made thousands of dollars and even sold a business over the last few years. I’m not rich by any means. But I’ve been traveling in Southeast Asia for the last year because I had the right training, the right tools, and the support needed when I had a problem.

I’m 24 years old, by the way, with only a high school diploma.

I was given the guidance and placed on the right path towards a better life. But like I said, this didn’t come easy. You have to put in the work.

This is true in anything you do in life. So it should be obvious.

If you are willing to work hard to earn an income online, then I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s my #1 choice. They are the reason for my success and can be yours too. Cause a 13 page pdf certainly won’t.

Have you ever made money online?

AZ Millionaire Method Review

$7 + Upsells








  • 60 Day Money Back Guaranteed


  • Fake Testimonials
  • False Income Claims
  • Just a rehashed eBook

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