Is Bulletproof Profits a Scam? A Money Maker Shot Down

BulletProof Profits is another 2019 money making system that “guarantees” you success overnight. There’s a lot of hype and problems I see with the program but decided to make the purchase to do a review of what’s inside.

If you are here then you are probably wondering “Is BulletProof Profits a Scam or a Bulletproof way to make money from the comforts of your home?” I’m here to answer your questions and show you what the program is all about.

So Let’s Review!

Quick Report:

Product Name: BulletProof Profits

Is BulletProof Profits System a Scam

Owner: Justin Tyler


Price: $9 + Upsells

Rating: 2/10

Recommended? No, it’s unrealistic to make $3,750 in 7 clicks

Alternative: There’s too much hype and you will only run into broken promises using BulletProof Profits. It’s hard work, but If you want hand holding step-by-step training that will teach you how to build a sustainable long-term online business then you should learn with the online business training program that helped achieve my dream of traveling the world. It’s free to get started!

Read on for the Full Review

What is BulletProof Profits System About?

Justin Tyler has discovered a “secret goldmine” that no one else has heard of before. The first month he used it he earned $45,672.40 online and was awestruck because he’s never made this much before in his life. During the entirety of the video, Justin talks about how much money you can make.

He shows tons of income screenshots and testimonials to prove to you his system works. The only thing mentioned to give you an idea of what you will be doing is he apparently discovered a unique money-making loophole to siphon profits from Amazon’s $685 billion pie.

Now, what exactly are you doing? There is no more information to make an opinion until you buy the system and see for yourself which I will talk more about later on.

I can tell you this though, there is no “secret Loophole” that will make you money overnight. Anytime you are expected to pay before you even know what you truly are buying it’s usually a crock of crap.

Think about anytime you have purchased something. Are you buying blind or have an idea of what it is you are purchasing?

Who is Justin Tyler

Justin Tyler is the spokesperson in the video and apparent founder of BulletProof Profits System. His friend Alex is the one that introduced Justin to the secret goldmine and afterwards refined and tweaked the money-making method to create this new system.

The ironic part is once inside the members area, it’s not Justin that shows his face in a few of the training videos. The guys name is Alex Genadinik. He’s a marketing expert, business coach, Udemy course creator and Amazon Book author from the research I’ve done. He’s also probably the true creator of this training.

How Does BulletProof Profits Work?

BulletProof Profits is claimed to be the best system available that can show you how to set up your own income machine with Amazon. It takes no experience, and everybody including your grandma could do it. It takes a few clicks and you could be making thousands overnight.

This is how the system is portrayed, but you would be in for a complete surprise once you get inside the member’s area.

Instead you will get basic level training on dropshipping with Amazon FBA. If you are not sure what this is, not to worry. I will explain in more detail once we take a look inside the member’s area.

Just understand this, there is no system out there that will earn you money like clockwork without applying a big effort and hard work. When people make those promises it’s gonna be a sham 99% of the time.

Cost of BulletProof Profits

Cost of BulletProof Profits System

Justin Tyler states, “Once you start using the BulletProof Profits System , you’ll have access to everything you need to build your very own Amazon profit-generating engine ”

With the kind of money you would expect to be making, between the screenshots and testimonials, you know it’s not gonna be necessary to purchase anything else. But this isn’t completely true. The minute you make the first purchase you are immediately hit with an upsell. So let’s go over the true cost of BulletProof Profits and other expenses you could incur.

Front End Offer

Bullet Proof Profits System- $9

This is the unique money-making system that teaches you how to grab your slice of the huge $685 Billion Amazon pie. There isn’t any real information given but you can expect to make money using Amazon.


BulletProof Profits Turbo- $197

You’re already gonna make a lot of money, but if half a million in 6 months isn’t enough You can purchase “Turbo” to help you generate 10X more money. If you say, “No Thanks” the price will discount to $127.

BulletProof Profit Paydays- $145

BulletProof Paydays will give you five money-making income strategies for passive income. If you leave you’ll receive a discounted price at $95.

Six Figure Success Academy- $997

If the upsells weren’t enough already, this upsell is the first step you are given inside the member’s area. SFSA is advertised as a special members only bonus that gives you valuable training. But this is an upsell to a completely different system from BulletProof Profits that’s suppose to show you how to make multiple $500 commissions a day. This is done through:

  1. Finding someone with an online course
  2. Helping them sell more with a unique template provided
  3. Putting the online course in front of people who want to buy it

While I haven’t reviewed this program yet, This has been a common “step 1” inside other scam programs that I have exposed like Private Cash Sites and Explode My Payday.

Inventory, Packaging, and Fees

This isn’t an upsell. These are some of your business expensives for operating. The training inside teaches you how to Dropship through the FBA Amazon program. The basics of what you are doing, is finding profitable products to sell on Amazon.

You will purchase the products for a low price on a wholesale retailer website like Alibaba and sell for high on Amazon. Through the FBA program you will ship your items to Amazon’s warehouse for storage.

Once a customer purchases your products for sale, Amazon will ship the purchases to the customers and handle customer service on your behalf. You can watch this one minute video about Amazon FBA below.

You don’t have to create your own product to sell on Amazon like Jim in the video, you just have to find already made products, buy low, and sell high.

You have to pay for inventory doing this. Since you are buying from wholesalers you typically have to place a minimum order. This could be as many as 100 items before they will ship to you. Even if you start with a low budget you are looking at spending $500 if the order is 100 items at $5 a piece so you can sell them at say $12 a piece on Amazon.

There’s also a cost to using Amazon’s FBA program. This includes inventory storage fees, shipping cost, and monthly membership cost. The cost will vary depending on the amount, weight, and sizes of your products being sold.

You also want to create your own labeling and packaging after you purchase your order from the wholesale retailers. This is to create your own brand the customers will be able to follow and recognize. This is before you account for the commissions you have to give to Amazon for listing your products which is 15% of the total cost you sell at.

You definitely can make money this way but it takes a lot of work and logistics to do it right or the costs will keep adding up while you still figure out the perfect selling strategy for the items you sell.

Inside BulletProof Profits Member’s Area

Inside BulletProof Profits Training Area

Once inside, the first step they tell you is to sign up for your free VIP training. The first hour of training shows you the three steps to make up to $500 multiple times a day. The training shown is to promote Six Figure Success Academy a completely different system from Bulletproof profits. The next hour and a half plus is spent trying to convince you to buy the system.

This same upsell has been used as the step one in other scams I’ve exposed including Private cash Sites and Explode My Payday. Though, I haven’t reviewed Six Figure Success Academy yet.

Step 1 training for BulletProof Profits

After the upsell, you are asked to go through their training course to set up the BulletProof Profits System.

The Training teaches you dropshipping with Amazon FBA. You research products in Amazon that are popular and look at the price. You go to a wholesale retailer like Alibaba where you will purchase the product at a low price and list it on Amazon for a higher cost.

You need to find products that will sell on Amazon with a good profit margin since you are paying for inventory. As an inexperienced dropshipper you will have to run test to see which works for you and doesn’t which can become costly.

Through Amazons FBA program you send the products you purchase to their warehouse so they can fulfill it. You need to take into account the sellers fee for listing on Amazon which is 15% of the total cost plus other fees associated with Amazons FBA program which will vary on how much storage is used at amazons warehouse and the weight of the products you are shipping.

This is not some secret goldmine that Justin has discovered. It’s a very common method and there are people that have had much success with dropshipping. But you need to have a budget. Wholesale retailers don’t sell one item at a time. They require large orders. so if you are purchasing an item for $5 a piece and are required a minimum of 100 to fulfill the order you’re looking at $500 spent before you start selling.

If you pick a product no one buys now you’re in the hole $500 and have to purchase a new order of a different item. These orders can take a month t0 arrive to the Amazon warehouse before getting shipped out to the customer.

This is the reason why you want to send the products beforehand. So they can get shipped right away to give great customer satisfaction or your business may not take off when customers that are use to two day shipping is waiting over a month for their purchase.

There are other websites where you could find items to buy low and sell high on Amazon so you don’t have to make these bulk orders but it becomes a more tedious process.

While this is a viable way to make money online, you do need the right training and a bit of a learning curve before you start profiting well. You can’t expect to be an expert dropshipper on your first day.

Inside BulletProof Profits Training

There is quite a bit of training, but it’s not completely focused on Dropshipping. Some of the training involves affiliate marketing, crypto investing, selling books on Amazon, making money with Youtube, etc… I don’t consider this a good training course for a couple reasons.

#1. Dropshipping is the main purpose and focus of the training. But there is just as much training if not more on all these others methods of making money online. This will prevent you from making good money because you will become too focused on too many methods. If you are the jack of all trades you are not great in any, but if you focus on one trade then you become an expert.

#2. Because of the variety of training, the focus wasn’t to help you make money. BulletProof Profits just slapped together different methods and presented it as the best system available. But the training is all on a very basic level. So even if you grasp the concept, you don’t get any advanced training. You just move on to the next method which correlates with my first reason. You don’t become an expert if you are all over the place.

What Some of The Training Looks Like

There’s too much content to go over every training module, but I will show you some of the training you will be learning.

Level 1 CourseBulletProof Profits Training Modules

This is the main training for Dropshipping with Amazon. You will learn:

  • What is FBA?
  • How Does FBA Work
  • Setting Up Your Seller Account
  • Choosing Your FBA Account
  • Can Your Item Be Sold?
  • Requiring Approval
  • Amazon Fee Example
  • Amazon Seller Tools
  • Best Practices For Listing
  • Preparing For Shipping
  • FBA Shipping Tips

An important thing to note, is BulletProof Profits is the exact copy of a training course on Udemy called: Dropshipping Basics: The beginners Guide to Amazon FBA.

While this isn’t the only training, I have a good feeling that “Justin Tyler” just took other people’s courses and slapped them together to create BulletProof Profits.

This also proves my point that while some of the training inside might be good, it’s basic level training for beginners to get their foot in the door. But this isn’t the kind of training that is going to propel you to a 6-figure income.

There is a Level 2 course that feeds off of level 1 but there isn’t a point to mention the training because this level has broken links preventing access to training you should’ve received.

10X Sales Profit

This training comes after the Level 1 & 2 courses. Some of the focuses are on Pricing strategies, SEO (getting traffic organically), and effective copy writing. However, for this being a 2019 new system, the methods taught are a bit outdated.

One example, they talk about ranking post on Google Plus. But, Google plus doesn’t exist anymore. They closed their doors this year, but announced this was happening last year well before BulletProof Profits came to the market.

The other training modules involve the methods I mentioned taught in the beginning, but I’m not going to detail every aspect of the system. I just wanted to give you a general idea of what you are learning inside to help make your decision.

There is some value in the training, just not all of it is good and you are taught on a basic level.

Major Red Flags to Stay Away

I’ve gone over quite a bit, but I haven’t highlighted the deceitful side of BulletProof Profits. So let’s take a look of why you should avoid making the purchase.

#1. False Income Claims

The Headline reads,” Discover How You Can Start Making Up To $3,750 Today With Just 7 Simple Clicks!”

Then throughout the sales video they go on talking about about much money they’ve made with this system and how others are making tons as well. I already talked about how this system took someone else’s training course and claimed it as their own. Right there tells you these income claims are a bunch of BS.

On top of that, there is no system that can make you thousands in a few clicks. You’re printing money at that point and we all know, “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees”.

#2. Fake Testimonials

They state, ” Testimonials are 100% verified proof from people who have already tested the system.” Then go on to show you all these people that have had such great success. This too is a bunch of BS. This is an unproven system and the testimonials were done by paid actors/actresses. You can see that in the screenshots I provided below.

Prime Example #1.

BulletProof Profits uses Fake Testimonials

BulletProof Profits Paid actor on Fiverr

Notice any similarities?

Prime Example #2.

Another Actress used for BulletProof Profits Testimonial

Here's the Actress on Fiverr

They kinda look like the same person as well…

#3. Fake Social Comments

Everything about the sales video is fake. I’ve shown you this already. The “Live Social Proof”  presented below the video is fake as well. Search the names and you won’t find them on Facebook. Leave the page and comeback the next day and it’s the same people and comments. Go to a stock photo website and you might just find some of the images used for their Facebook Profiles.

Fake Live Social Comments

Liz Harper from BulletProof Profits is a stock image





#4. False Scarcity

This a scare tactic to convince you to buy the system on the spot without thinking about your decision. There’s a big banner on top of the screen telling you the doors close at midnight. Inside the video they say they are only letting a few people in because if everyone knew then there would be no income potential. BulletProof Profits has an affiliate program

Scroll below the video and you’ll see a tab for affiliates so they can promote the same system that closes at midnight. There is no secret too making money online that you can’t find with a simple Google search. Don’t be fooled into buying a product because you afraid of missing out on money.

This is how scams snatch your wallet from you.

Who Is BulletProof Profits For

If you are interested in making money overnight, this won’t work for you. There’s still a bit of a learning curve after you go through the training to earn any decent income. But If you are a newbie that’s interested in dropshipping through Amazon then $9, I believe, would be worth the price for you to learn the basics.

I’m a complete newbie when it comes to dropshipping. And while I feel there are better and less complex ways to make money online, I did gain some knowledge from the training.

I just wouldn’t purchase any of the upsells because there’s too much hype and deceit about how much money you are going to make to trust them.

If you already have a level 0f advanced dropshipping knowledge then a lot of the information you gain will just feel like a rehash for you. I would consider looking for a different program to achieve a more expert level of dropshipping.

Pros and Cons of BulletProof Profits

BulletProof Profits isn’t a system that will make you money overnight, but there are some things I like and other parts I dislike. So let’s go over the pros and cons.


  • Good Basic training on Dropshipping with Amazon FBA
  • 60 Day Money Back Guaranteed
  • Can help get your foot in the door for Dropshipping
  • Very Cheap to Buy


  • Fake Testimonials
  • False Income Claims
  • Not Going to Make You Money Overnight
  • Some Outdated Marketing Methods
  • Upsells
  • Stole Other’s Training Courses to Use as Their Own

Is BulletProof Profits a Scam?

This is a question that’s debatable depending on the person you speak to. In my opinion, Yes, BulletProof Profits is a scam.

The false income claims, Fake Testimonials, fake social comments, and lies about discovering some “secret goldmine” is enough to tell me the type of people that are behind this system.

It’s not about your success. This isn’t the kind of system they created. It’s only about convincing you to give your hard earned money away.

There is some decent training on the basic level that I learned, but you are going to end up spending a good chunk of cash before you get any business off the ground because of the inventory and associated cost you will incur.

I have a Better, Less Complicated, and More Affordable Alternative

Look, there is no easy push button system that is going to make you money overnight. I’ve searched far and wide through the universe called the “internet” to find one. They don’t exist or that would’ve been the route I took instead.

But, if you are willing to put in the time, effort, and have patience you can have a successful online business that retires you from the miserable 9-5 you want to escape. This won’t happen overnight, but anyone can do it with the right work ethics.

You don’t have to worry about inventory, or rely on others to make you money. The income earned is solely on the effort you are willing to put in.

If you are a work horse, then I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been a member for almost four years and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. They are the reasons I was able to leave the U.S. and travel the world. Plus many other WA members have had great success.

You would be joining a Facebook-Like community for people that want to make money online. The two owners are online everyday helping answer questions, giving feedback, and guidance so you can become a success story.

All the tools are in one place so you don’t have to search for the next best thing. The training is top notch and overall it was the best decision I’ve ever made to join.

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it though. You have to put in the work. The success won’t come overnight, it didn’t for me. But I’m there 110% to help you through the process. The training is step-by-step so you are getting your hand held the entire time, and you can get started for free.

There is a paid membership, which I’ve happily paid for the last four years. However, you can get in the door, you’ll receive two free websites, and go through the first course of training with just an email and name. No credit card required because you deserve to go through some of the training to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

If you are ready to build a successful online business from the comforts of your home then Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

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