How To Get More Traffic With Your Blog For Free Using These Tips

increase your website trafficAnytime you start a business, you usually start off with little to no traffic. Obviously, this is an issue because how are you suppose to create revenue when there is nobody actually visiting you?

There are tons of different ways to drive traffic to your website and today I’m going to show you some great methods on how to get more traffic to your blog for free using some resources below.

If you can take advantage of what I explain to you, over time you will start seeing more and more traffic coming to your website without having to spend more money.

Writing Quality Content Naturally Drives More Trafficwrite quality content

Although this is the longest process, it is by far the most effective and will yield the best results. First off, nobody wants to just see an ad and then decide to buy something. They want to do research and see reviews about there potential purchase before it happens.

Most people even look look at a couple of reviews before determining what they are going to do. If you can make your content SEO friendly and provide enough value to the readers, you will attract more visitors to your website.

And please don’t go writing some 300 word article and call that “quality”. That’s considered thin content and Google won’t feel you are giving enough value. Take for example, my review of Matt Lloyd’s MTTB 21 step system. I wrote a super in depth review of 6,300 words.

I went into detail about every single step in the program, and I provided more value than anyone else on the web. Not because I wrote 6,300 words, but because I talked about “Everything” that I could think of. I did a ton of research and provided the most in-depth review on the web.

This is providing value to your customers and makes them want to show other people your content. Google will see the engagement and decide to boost your page rankings too.

The average word count for the top ten pages is 2,100 words plus. The people that are gaining the most traffic are the ones that are providing the most worthy information. If you are not writing articles, how can the customers know whether to trust you or not?

You need to build a personal relationship with them through building content and providing enough intel for them to make you their go-to source.

According to, long-form blog post will generate 9x more leads than short-form blog posts, and I think you can understand why. It makes sense. But, it’s not just about the content you write.

You need to be able to reach as big of an audience as possible. You can do this by adding other elements to your article. Adding charts, images, and videos will not only look more appealing and be read more often, it also can drive 13% more traffic to your webpage than without those elements.

On top of that, this could always increase your chances of high authority websites linking to your content, which in-turn will bring you even more traffic from their websites.

If you can provide enough details in the content and attract enough engagement, your webpages could be posted in the #1 spot of Google for years and years ranked under different Keywords.

Just remember, content is king and I could careless if people think otherwise. Content is how you provide value, and if you can’t provide enough benefits to reading your articles, you won’t attract a huge audience.

Social Media Traffic Allows You To Reach More PeopleSocial Media Marketing Traffic

If you can invest in as little as 6 hours a week into social media. You will see some kind of traffic increase. Not only does social media marketing attract more traffic, it also lets you increase your brand awareness.

This is important for the SERPs as it shows google you are a real person. If you can put your brand everywhere, then you could attract a huge following.

Not only that, in December of 2014, the top 8 social networks drove 31.24% of overall traffic to websites. Some of the popular ones were Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, StumbleUpon, and Reddit.

So, if you aren’t marketing on any of these sites you could be potentially losing out on a third of your overall traffic.

35.29% of social media comes from Facebook for me while Pinterest falls as my second best receiving 28.24% of the social traffic. I haven’t spent a penny on this traffic and I am creating a bigger following everyday because of it. Social Media is vital because people trust those that share their face everywhere.

While I’m not posting about every social media site, I will be talking about some of the benefits of each one. Read the stats carefully. Depending on what your target audience is, whether it is older men or younger female adults, depends on which social media site might be best or you.

For example, if you are targeting females, you wouldn’t want to use Google Plus for that because men dominate that platform. Though, Google Plus does have benefits for other reasons which you’ll see more why below.


There are over 1.49 billion active users on Facebook every month. If you could only reach 1% of the users that would be almost 15 million people a month. You barely need to tap into this market to get a good return of visitors. Create a page for your business and start getting your brand out there.

According to Shareaholic Facebook now drives 25% of all website traffic. While I doubt Social Media is going to take over the search engines, I do believe they can be a very powerful marketing tool if used correctly.

All you need is a few loyal fans to really start growing. Once you post content, they will be more than happy to start sharing it with all their friends. If there was at least one social media site to do, it would be Facebook.With the biggest share of traffic coming from Facebook, it would be crazy for you not to use them.

If you don’t like marketing on Social media, that’s fine. Don’t do all of them, but at least put a few hours a week into Facebook. You won’t regret it later.


In October of 2011, about a year and half after launch, Pinterest was valued at 200 million dollars. As of June 2015, Pinterest is now valued at 11 billion dollars. They are one of the fastest growing social media sites and went from taking 0.65% of the traffic in 2011 to now driving 5.06% of web traffic.

While they have flat-lined a little bit, they have proven their worth in the 5 years of being around. And, I’m confident that they will be around for awhile longer.

Also remember this, the 5% of traffic that Pinterest brings in is almost triple the traffic of all other non-Facebook social traffic. 5% might not seem like a lot, but it’s way more than other networks if your name isn’t Facebook.

My suggestion to Pinterest would to be to work on attracting more male visitors to their website to gain an even bigger audience.

They have a huge audience of women using the sight, and referral traffic that has come from Pinterest spend more than double what the average Facebook user spends. These are all benefits that you can use to your advantage.

Think about this t0o, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” And I don’t think you can disagree with that statement. You’ve probably heard it over a thousand times.

Google plusgoogle plus

Google Plus is a “ghost town” to a lot of people, but it’s not as dead as everyone thinks either.(Update: Google Plus is pretty dead… they officially have closed their doors.) They currently have 300 million active users which in comparison is the same amount of users as Skype and only about 16 million less than twitter.

If whatever you are marketing has a huge attraction for men, Google Plus might be a good platform to use as they are dominated by male users.

Social Networks isn’t the only reason why you should me marketing on the platform. They are related to Google, and Google decides who gets better rankings in the SERPs.

While I wouldn’t be able to prove how much SEO you can gain from having a Google Plus account, I don’t see why there wouldn’t be a relation between the two.

Not only that, Google isn’t giving up on their social network. This is their fourth trial into social networking, and they’ve said plenty of times that there will be big changes and improvements coming into the picture.

So, if you don’t use this platform, you might want to reconsider.


If there’s one great thing about Twitter, it’s the hashtags. It’s tough to get recognized when there are millions of other people posting stuff too. The great thing with adding hashtags to your tweets is you can get recognized instantly.

If you just posted and used the hashtag #HumpDay, anybody that searches hump day will more than likely see your tweet. The unfortunate part is the tweet could get pushed down fairly quickl if you are using hashtags for popular terms, but this is why I like to use long tail keywords and the short more broad keywords.

I think mixing it up is a good way to be found now and later. With over 100 million people using the platform everyday, There really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t use Twitter.

Of course, if your audience is the older generation (65+) it will be harder to attract those people with twitter since they only make up about 10% of the users.


YouTube overall, even just mobile alone, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year olds than any other cable network in the U.S. With over a billion views per day on mobile alone, some say YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind only Google. Although, I couldn’t find much information on Bing or yahoo to verify that :*(

The point is, people watching videos is becoming a more common and effective way to attract customers to your website. The great thing with YouTube is even as big as it is, it’s still an untapped market.

Yes, more and more people are posting videos everyday. But, just like writing a blog post, you need to be doing keyword research and SEO, which many are not. This gives you the opportunity to rank easily for videos allowing more people to discover you.

Guest Postingguest post

Guest Posting can have many benefits to you. Basically, instead of writing on your own blog, you are writing post on other people’s blogs. Even though this means you’re building up content on somebody else’s website, it allows you to reach newer audiences that may have not seen you before.

When you guest post, who ever the blogger is will usually allow you to have one or two links linking back to your website. If you guest post on a popular blog, this method could drive a ton of traffic towards your website.

Not only that, gaining backlinks from other websites can potentially help boost your rankings in the search engines because there are more websites considering you to have important information. Don’t be afraid to allow other people to guest post on your website either.

Even though you are giving them some “link juice”, the guest blogger will more than likely write an article linking back to their post on your blog because they want their audience to see their content. Even if it is on somebody else’s website.

And, because of the fact they want people to see it, a lot of times they will promote their guest post on social media websites giving you even more traffic from their audience. Just remember, when you guest post you still need to write high quality content as if the post was your own.

If you don’t, you could gain a bad reputation amongst other bloggers and not be allowed to guest post anymore with many of them. Even if you provide useful information, they may decide not to link to you because of your reputation.

I mean, why would you want to help someone that isn’t helping you very much?

Joining Forums And Niche Related Communitiescommunity

I’m going to state this now, because it’s very important. When you join other forums and niche related communities, don’t just start promoting your website. Nobody’s gonna like that. You want to get recognized and look like a go-to source of information when people need help. You do this by providing value.

Ask questions, nobody knows everything. So, don’t try acting like your the god of all-knowing. Be human. People can connect easier with you when you act like yourself.

Ask questions when you don’t know the answer, And when others ask questions, you provide them answers or direct them to an article that does. If you have the answer on your website, you could even help them out a little bit and then tell them if they need more information to check out your article.

There’s a good chance when people see you giving answers and helping people that they will check out what you are trying to show them. They’ll start trusting you more and following your blog posts.

Even if they don’t follow you, you could learn a lot talking among like-minded people.

Email Marketingemail marketing

For every dollar spent on email marketing, the average return on investment (ROI) is $44.25. Now, there are free services to get you started, so I’m not saying you have to pay.

But, you cannot go wrong if you were to pay when you look at those kinds of returns. 96% percent of the people that visit your website the first time are not ready to buy.

Going by my Google Analytic’s stats, only 20% of the people that visit my website are returning visitors. Email marketing not only gives you a great ROI, it also reminds people you are still there and allows them to start building a relationship with you through your personalized messages.

So, not only are you driving older traffic back to your website, you are also increasing your conversion rate equaling more money in your bank account.

Paid Traffic

I’m not gonna go into too much detail about paid traffic seeing as I wanted to talk mostly about free traffic, but if you have some extra cash that you are willing to invest. This can be a great source of getting traffic fast to your website.

I have not tried all the methods, but pay per click (PPC) is one of the most popular methods. If you do it right, you could acquire a lot of new customers.

This method would allow you to get on the first page listings of search engines a lot faster than waiting for your newly published articles to rank high. Like I said, it’s a great method, but don’t be using this method if you only have five posts on your website.

You will only be burning holes in your wallet.


There are tons of resources that you can use to attract new traffic to your website. These are just a few of the more common methods used. If you want to become an authority in your niche, you need to not only provide great content, you also need to constantly promote it so others can find you.

Just imagine if you constantly promote your website (let’s say it’s about basketball) and Michael Jordan somehow finds you through all the Social Media garbage and likes the article. Maybe it was about him.

Then he decides to share it with his followers. Because of social media, your article just went viral and now you are receiving thousands of visitors everyday from that one article.

Only because someone important, in your niche, recommended the article and people listened. The world is not perfect like that, but it can happen and has happened before.

Questions And Concerns

Have a question? Let me know. What types of sources do you use to attract free traffic? What are your favorite sources? Let me know below by leaving a comment. Let me hear your feedback.

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