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Hi Guys and Gals!! Hows it going today? Brandon here!!

So, Today I wanted to talk about a little something at Lifeless Wallet. It’s a little secret that I stumbled upon recently, and I didn’t realize it, but thousands of other people had discovered it before me. Now that I have discovered that secret though, I want to get it out there even more in the world then it already is. But first…

.getting started-affiliate marketing

I have a question for you. Have you ever had a passion that you wanted to pursue but couldn’t for different kinds of reasons? I’m sure you have, because there are millions of people that have felt the same way.

Whether it was because you didn’t have the time, or maybe you just didn’t have the finances to do it. Maybe it was for both reasons. Well let me tell you, I have felt the same way until I found out about this secret. It has opened up my doors, thinking the possibilities are infinite. So I am here to tell you that secret!2600133932_1c93570284_o


You see, here at Lifeless Wallet, I believe in helping change other people’s lives, and that is exactly what I’m going to show you. I’m here to give you all the tools YOU need to succeed in today’s world. The only thing you need to be able to use my tools is this.

  1. Have access to the internet.
  2. Be willing to invest a little bit of your time.

It’s that simple really. Since you are here and already have read up to this point. You probably have already had that thought of trying to make money online. You may have already tried and it, and it didn’t work out because maybe it was just something not interesting, or some kind of scam that you had bad luck of running into.

Well I’m here to tell you I have found a way of making money online doing something you love. It’s FREE! And gives you all the tools you need to succeed. Its the number #1 website for generating income online without the hassles of needing a credit card. The website, you may ask. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, you may be asking me:

“How do I know what your saying is true?”

“What do you mean I’ll love doing this?”                                                       4810954845_13f12b6948_z

“How do I make money with Wealthy Affiliate?”

“Are you sure its not a scam?”

I’m totally glad you’re asking these kind of questions. That’s exactly why I’m here. We all have plenty of passions and liked I mentioned before it’s tough because most people don’t have the finances to pursue, but with this program there are four simple steps of making money.

  1. Choose a passion or interest of yours.
  2. Build YOUR very own website.
  3. Create traffic for your website.
  4. EARN REVENUE for traffic going through YOUR website.

 Now I know what you’re thinking. How can it be this simple? Let me explain.

                  Choosing Your passion

      There are 2.8 billion users on the web with high speed internet. Everyone is searching for specific things. whether it is looking for the newest phone or collecting valuable baseball cards, there are millions of different things being searched everyday.

So whether You have a passion for skateboarding or music, you can make your website designed to promote those kind of passions or interest.

Building your very own website

            At Wealthy affiliate there are tons of benefits to joining. One of those benefits is you get 2 state of the art beautifully designed websites for Free with the $0 dollars starter membership. This gives you the opportunity to get creative with designing websites for not just one, but maybe even 2 different interest of yours.

Creating traffic for your website

        Basically, what this means is you are attracting visitors to your website by what you are putting on it. If your passion is music, maybe even more so your a huge guitarist fan. those would be the type of visitors you will be attracting to your website.

Earning Revenue

       Now of course the most important part of it all. After you have found your interest, made the website specific to your interest, and start creating traffic through your website, it is time to earn that hard earned cash.

By having different links to other affiliate programs like Amazon for example, and people buy products using the links you provided on your website. You well earn a commission for the products people buy.

       Pursuing your dreams

       By now, your either saying this seems pretty great or many of you still have tons of questions. I know some are saying,” How is this truly going to let me pursue my dreams?” Well the people in this program have been able to earn thousands, some even millions through their websites. This has given them the financial freedom of dropping that 9-5 job to:

  • Spend more time with there family
  • Go on more vacations
  • Pay for the schooling that they couldn’t afford before
  • See the world and all its’ beauty

Sign up today Its FREE!!

    So why wait any longer? This isn’t an overnight get rich scheme, but nothing in life is like that, if its real. You’ll be receiving:

  • 2 free websites to design
  • Help from a community that has more than 100,000 active users
  • Live video training classes
  • Tons of tutorials
  • 1 on 1 expert advice

If your wondering if this is for you still. The best part is whether your a novice or expert already running an online business this can still help you. This program has helped me immensely, and now is my turn to help you. Just click on the picture below and sign up today. Still not convinced? Read my Review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Wealthy Affiliate University internet marketing program

Questions or concerns?

If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at: After you sign up please feel free to leave comments of your experience with Wealthy Affiliate, and of course I am here to help and will respond with your questions. Of course if you still have questions about the information on the page. Leave me a comment anyways, even if you haven’t tried out the free program already.



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