What is Five Minute Profit Sites About? A Scam or Cash Cow?

If you made it to my site you probably have the question,”What is Five Minute Profit Sites About? A scam or can you make boat loads of cash?“. I bought the product to see what all the hype was about so you didn’t have too.

Today I will be doing an in-depth review of Five Minute Profit Sites to help you determine if they are a scam or legitimate system to make fast cash.

Let’s review.

Quick Report:what is five minute profit sites about?

Product Name: Five Minute Profit Sites

Owner: Sam Smith Unknown

Website: Five-Minute-Profit-Sites.Net

Price: $37 + Upsells

Rating: 1/10

Recommended? No, it’s a scam

Alternative: Sick of the broken promises? Learn How to Build an Online Business with my #1 recommendation that helped me build a successful sustainable online business.

Read on for the Full Review

What is Five Minute Profit Sites?

Sam Smith Claims to have created a software to exploit a secret industry that is “highly controversial”, and “shockingly profitable”. This industry is “hidden away from the public”.

Is Five Minute Profit Sites a scam

Later on, she explains that this “secret” industry is called affiliate marketing. This isn’t a secret industry. In fact, that is exactly how I earn money online. The top marketers all use affiliate marketing to earn money online unless they have their own products or services to sell. There’s tons of free information online and isn’t difficult to do. It just takes a lot of work, a good effort, and patience.

Five Minute Profit Sites takes advantage of your inexperience to give you the impression they are the only key to your success.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Companies are always looking to increase their revenue. Part of doing that is gaining more exposure. So Giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Nike will pay you to promote and drive traffic to their products and services. Once a visitor makes a purchase, you will earn a commission for your effort.  This is what Five Minute Profit Sites is teaching you.

While affiliate marketing is a legitimate way of building an online business, it doesn’t take some magical software to do it. It takes 30 seconds to build your own website. You can find information online through research, and there are programs out there that will teach you affiliate marketing the right way. Some programs even include a free starter membership to learn affiliate marketing.

Who is Sam Smith?

Sam Smith is the spokesperson in the video. While she does show her face, This isn’t her real name. It’s her pen name. She’s more than likely just an actress hired. You can see this in the small print at the bottom of the sales page.

Five Minute Profit Sites Sam Smith

Sam Smith is also the spokesperson for another system called Auto Chat Profits another scam I already exposed. The real owner behind Five Minute Profit Sites hides their face. This is common in a lot of scam products. Once people catch on, and sales decline, they’ll be able to rebrand as a new business with a new “secret” product or software that can “change your life”.

How Does Five Minute Profit Sites Work?

Five Minute Profit Sites is a software designed to build you a “done-for-you” website that will consistently make you hundreds of dollars every day.

It takes 5 minutes and 17 clicks to set up this software. This takes 3 steps to do.

#1. You will set up a Clickbank account so you can earn on products you promote.

#2. Choose a domain name for your website. You don’t actually choose the name. Instead, you will select a name from a list of recommended names.

#3. You will set up an email service provider to collect emails from people that visit your website. This will cost you $15 a month.

Once you complete those steps, your website will be created. Then you drive traffic to your website which will turn into sales.

Cost of Five Minute Profits

five minute profit sites receipt

While they give you the software “free”, they still need to charge a small fee for “hosting” your website. There’s more cost than this, however. So let’s go over those.

Front End

Five Minute Profit Sites Software- $37

This is the original product that is first introduced to you. In 5 minutes and 17 clicks you will have a “done for you” website that can churn out consistent profit every day. If you stay long enough or try to leave you can get a 7 day free trial ($7 a month after).

Upsellscost of five minute profit sites

#1. FMPS Faster Profits-$197

This will provide you with a custom made “done for you” website with:

  • Articles
  • Sales Video
  • Product Reviews

#2. FMPS Double Your Profits Site- $187

This will provide you with a custom made “done for you” website in a different niche with:

  • Articles
  • Sales Video
  • Product Reviews

#3. FMPS Traffic Tsunami- $97

This product includes basic and advanced traffic strategies

Monthly Cost

Hosting– $7 a month

GetResponse Email Provider- $15 a month and up

Solo Ads- Will cost hundreds of dollars and up

Inside Five Minute Profit Sites

five minute profit sites members area

Inside the members area you will create your website. There are a few training videos to show you how to set everything up. Depending on the products you purchase depends on the kind of training you will have access to.

They show you how it works and teaches on how you can drive traffic to your website. If you only buy FMPS there’s only training on driving traffic with Solo Ads. You will have to spend money to make money using this method.

FMPS Faster Profits

If you purchase FMPS Faster Profits there’s a little more training. You will learn a little bit about:

  • Article Marketing (Writing articles to post on article directories)
  • Guest Blogging (Writing articles for other established websites with a link back to your website)
  • and Forum Marketing (Answering questions on forums with a link back to your website in your name or when people request info)

It’s only a couple videos for each topic.

Outdated and Incorrect Training

The training you receive in these videos are not worth your time. The training teaches you incorrect or outdated methods which I will explain now.

Article Marketing

Article Marketing is outdated when it comes to getting traffic to your website. There’s a lot of low-quality articles on article directories. Google frowns upon this kind of content and because of that your articles will not rank well on Google.

You may get a tiny bit of traffic but it will only be a twinkle not worth working towards. You just need to ask yourself, “Do you ever see these types of websites on the first page of Google?” to understand what I mean. I don’t ever see them and I would expect you to agree.

Guest Blogging

While Guest Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website this will not work for yours. FMPS tells you to write 500-600 word articles and this is considered low-quality content for Google. A 500 word article won’t add any real value for the website you want to guest blog for. Even if you do write a high quality article, no one is gonna want to link to a website that provides no value for their audience.

With your “done for you” website you have four 500 word articles and the rest of the website is a sales page. All the websites that I link to on my blog are sources with tons of high quality content. If I start sending my visitors to websites that are just sales pages promoting fishy products and providing no value then I will lose credibility with my audience.

When you lose credibility then your business starts to disappear. People stop visiting. It takes a lot of work to gain massive traffic and I’m not going to jeopardize that just to get some free content on my website. I’m positive any person that runs a website, that makes good money, will agree with me. You don’t want your business to disappear, right?

Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing on places like Reddit and Quora is a tactic that I can agree with. But, this is another method that isn’t guaranteed to work for you because of the type of website FMPS provides. When you are answering questions, and others on the forum become more interested, you shouldn’t be linking to a sales page.

People aren’t interested in being sold. They are interested in more information. With only a couple low quality articles on your website you are very restricted when you could send people to those articles. Your website provides no value for people on forums. If you just link to the sales page then you risk getting banned once moderators click and see what you are sending people to.

Red Flags

Products like Five Minute Profit Sites has a lot of red flags that tells me this won’t work. I’m going to explain those now.

False Income Claims

five minute profit sites income proof

The majority of the video and transcript shown is about proving to you how much money you can make with their system. They show earnings report after earnings report with dates for how much money has been earned with the system. The dates go as far back as 2013 which is five years before Five Minute Profit Sites became available.

Right there shows you that the income claims are not true. The other thing to note is the fact that the income isn’t actually coming from affiliate marketing like they claim. The income comes from selling their own products as a vendor. That means they are the owner of the products being sold, not the affiliate like you would be. This means FMPS is an unproven system with income proof coming from other sources other than FMPS itself.

100% Free Software, But You Have to Pay

FMPS tells you they are giving you the software 100% free, but you still have to pay a “hosting” fee in order to receive the software. This isn’t the only cost to use the system either. You need to pay $15 a month for an email service provider and spend $100’s of dollars on Solo Ads to make this system work. Add on the upsells and this starts to become an expensive “free” software.

No Control

You don’t own the website, you don’t own the domain, and you can’t control the products that are being promoted to people that visit your website. Clickbank is known for a lot of either low-quality products or borderline scammy products (especially in the MMO niche). So you have the ethical side of things where you wonder,”Am I promoting a legitimate product or a scam?”.

Then you have the fact that if Five Minute Profits decided to close down, your income will fall to zero overnight. Worrying about if your business will exist the next day isn’t a great feeling to have. What do you do next? How do you keep making money? You’ll have to start from scratch and relearn everything.

You need to have a sustainable business that you can completely control. Think about all the Instagram models that have created huge followings and make money. If Instagram closed down all those models would have nothing as well.

This is why I learned how to build my own website. So I have my own platform to promote on. I choose the design. I choose the content. I choose the products to promote. If a product disappears, I can just switch it with another product in my niche to promote. So I don’t have those fears.

Cookie Cutter Websites

In the training videos FMPS talks a little bit of ranking in Google. They mention having the 500 word articles on your website added with getting backlinks to your website from other authority websites will help you get traffic from Google.  This is outdated and not as important a factor as it use to be.

You won’t find websites with four articles ranking on the first page because there isn’t enough content. Quality Content is what Google cares about and that isn’t the type of website FMPS provides. The only traffic you will get is traffic you pay for.

Pros and Cons of Five Minute Profit Sites


  • Possible to make money
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Basic and Outdated Training
  • Upsells, the system isn’t as free as advertised
  • No control over the website, domain name, or products offered
  • Have to use Solo Ads

Is Five Minute Profit Sites a Scam?

Just because you can make money doesn’t legitimize a system being sold. A scam is defined by the deceitful practices used to con you out of money. In my opinion, Five Minute Profit Sites is a scam because of the deceit used in the sales video.

  • The False Income Claims that are not actually earned from FMPS
  • The perception that you are receiving a 100% free system only to pay for “hosting”, Solo Ads, Email Service Provider, and the many upsells
  • The Fake Spokesperson that appears in other scam products.
  • The outdated training that doesn’t work

These are all reasons FMPS is a deceitful product producing lies, As well as reasons to avoid FMPS completely.

The Alternative

My #1 recommendation is what helped me retire from the “rat race”. I host my websites there, receive up-to-date top notch training, and have access to a Facebook-like community for people wanting to earn money online. I’ve been with them for four years and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon because of all the value provided.

The training program is called Wealthy Affiliate, and you can create two websites under their free starter membership with no credit card required. My full review will show you the definite difference between a highly-rated legitimate platform and programs like Five Minute Profit Sites!

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