Only because it’s probably necessary. I will leave with you my lame disclaimer.( please bear with me). All jokes aside even though This place is about having tools to work from home. I wanted to leave some sense of humor, for you cannot always take life seriously; it would be no fun.

Term of Use

Even though I research, and believe in what I’m talking about. I cannot guarantee you that all information on this post is 36% percent true. It might be higher; I suppose it could be lower. Anyways… Argue with other people on information that I’ve written, at your own risk. I am not a professional, just a very intelligent man.

Copyright Policy

Unless otherwise noted. I am the legal copyright owner of all written content on this website, even if it’s terrible. You have to ask for my autograph before you can  reprint or publish any content. I know it’s terrible to have to ask, but I like signing my name. Makes me feel like a celebrity.

Hold Harmless

Even though I’m flattered you would use any of my information. I cannot be held liable for anything that I do or do not recommend. Even if I tell you to jump off a roof to make a million bucks, try to at least of some net at the bottom for safety. Talk to friends before taking my advice.

Privacy Statement

Everybody has secrets. I get it. I promise that I will not sell any personal or contact information, even if you ask me too, to another company. I will not spam your inbox until it explodes or have anyone else do it. But any advertiser or blog commenter that you give your information too, you are assuming at your own risk with their privacy practices.

Reserve Rights

I reserve all rights to transform my website into another topic, or design, if I so choose.  I can sell my website to elephants if I want. Basically, I can do whatever I want with my website.

Advertisers and Sponsors

Anything that you may or may not purchase on my website, I can not be liable for. It is up to the specified advertiser to rectify and problems a product or service may cause. This includes anything from things exploding to somebody not calling you at a specified time. as well as anything in between.

Letters To The Editors

Anybody that so choices to send me an e-mail, letter, etc.. and share any kind of information shall be kept secret between us, unless both parties agree to share with the world, our wonderful or hateful conversations. Any time I use any of your writing for publishing on my own website, book, etc.. I shall allow you to be credited, only because I probably like you.

Income Disclaimer

Any income claims made or proofs of income shown, while true, is not a guarantee of your own success. You must put in the work to see the results, but I cannot promise the same level of success from products I do or don’t recommend. I can not guarantee success and you shouldn’t expect me too.

So I cannot be held liable for any money you make or money you lose from the products I recommend on this website. Do your homework, Make sure it’s the right purchase for you and assume all risk when you do purchase a recombination.

Closing notes

In light of some humor, I do mean what I posted. to rephrase everything into simple terms. I own this website completely. The choices I make are solely up to me. You cannot publish my content without my permission. As well as need to assume all risks for any actions taken basing your research from my website. I love helping you guys but as well have to protect myself against because there are silly people out there.

I hope you liked my disclaimer. Leave comments below. Private messages; send me an email at: brandon@lifelesswallet.com

P.s. One last note. Some of the links and ads in my website that you click on, may or may not earn me a commission. This does not effect the price of the product. It is only compensation for helping direct people to that specific website. Reviews that I create are as unbiased as I can possibly make them, as my job is to inform you about everything, but not control your decision.

Check out my About me to get to know the real me.


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