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Hey, I’m Brandon Arnold and Welcome to Lifeless Wallet.

Founded in 2015, Lifeless Wallet was created for people that are sick of being scammed and feeling ripped off from their attempts at making money online. Many dream of financial freedom and scams are great at feeding into those desires.

I’m here to expose scams for what they truly are. In addition, to revive your wallet by teaching you how to achieve financial freedom by creating passive income online.

In turn, allowing you to create the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of.

Me in Seattle
Visiting Bruce and Brandon Lee’s Graves in Seattle

A Little About Myself…

I was born in the beautiful state of New Hampshire.

During my childhood, and until this year (sad face), my aunt owned a Seafood restaurant in Maine (She retired). Every January, the slowest time of the year, she would close down her restaurant and vacation throughout the month.

She sailed on Caribbean cruises, flew to countries around the world, and often traveled to DisneyWorld.

Growing up in the restaurant every Summer, I was inspired to one day build my very own restaurant. I’ve always loved food, but the thing that appealed to me most was the length of vacationing my aunt did every year. In my mind, owning a restaurant was that key that would hand me the ability to travel across the globe.

As I’ve progressed through my early adult years, I came to the realization that it truly was never about owning a restaurant and more about being able to control how I lived my life so I could go travel. My entrepreneurial spirit and mindset has only grown and amplified ever since.

This mindset is what has kept me infinitely more open-minded to the possibilities and opportunities out there.
And making money online was one of those sound possibilities that I stumbled upon.

How My Journey Began

I knew people made money on the internet, but it wasn’t really something that I thought would work for me. There’s just an abundance of scams out there and like most people I was pretty skeptical about what was legitimate and what wasn’t.

One day, I was checking my email and one of those “How this single mom makes over $8,250 a month” emails appeared in my inbox. The link in the email transferred me to a news website that looked authentic.

The article went on to tell a persuasive and inspirational story about the single mom and how she made over $3,000 the first week she started and has been living the life she dreamed of ever since and how you can too. While the story was truly convincing, my skepticism crept out and I did some research to verify my assumption.

I was right! It was a scam. But, it is also the only time I can ever say a scam helped me too. It was this research that lead me to witness the vast opportunities in the online world where you really can make legitimate money online.

The research guided me towards the right tools and support, and I learned how to create an income on the internet.

So, Why do I want to Help You

I grew up in poverty my whole life. My parents lost my childhood home of 12 plus years do to the Great Recession. I’m used to the feeling of frustration of not having enough money to do anything fun or exciting. Just work work work with nothing to show for at the end of the day. It flat out sucks.

And sadly, people living paycheck to paycheck are the people that seem to get conned and scammed out of their money the most. The ones that are already struggling the most as it is to get by.

Having been in those shoes and reading stories about the thousands of dollars honest people have lost, It’s not right. So, I’m here because I want to do something about it.

My Mission

Lifeless Wallet is all about helping you and your wallet.

I want to, not only save you money, but also save you the headaches, aggravation, and disappointment that comes with being scammed and duped out of your money.

I want to watch you grow from having financial stress to creating a lifestyle that allows you to work whenever and from anywhere in the world your heart desires as long as you have an internet connection.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but if you can take action in what I teach you then the possibilities are endless.

Ready To Start Making Real Money Online?

There’s only one program I truly recommend and it’s the same one that I stumbled upon over two years ago. You are basically joining the Facebook for like-minded people focused on making money online.

The support is amazing, the owners are the two most active people in the community, and the vast amount of up-to-date, written and video, quality training is unparalleled to anything else I’ve seen.

You learn:

  • How to build a website (a blog) with an interest or passion of your choosing
  • How to attract visitors to your website through Google
  • How to make money online with your website
  • and much more

If you are ready to learn how to make real money online, then click here to read about which program is my #1 recommended training platform to be a part of.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to let me know below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Best Regards,



Mt.Shasta in the distance on my way to see the Great American Eclipse

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