Is Content Still King Today?-Simply put, Yes It Is

is content still king todayNo, I am not going to type up a 3,000 word count article to get my point across. But yes, I do mean it. Content is still king today. I know you here that a lot. Especially, if you are some type of writer. I know what some of you are thinking.

Google or Siri talks to you, and you don’t really read that much anymore. You are probably also thinking about social media, and how everybody watches videos now a days. Well that may be true, but you really need to think about it. Seriously.
I don’t know about you, but every time I scroll through all my Facebook news feed; I hardly see status updates anymore. Probably because they all have Snapchat now. Anyways back to what I was saying. When I scroll through my news feed, the thing I see the most is all my friends sharing different articles.

Now if people didn’t read, then why are all these articles in my news feed? I’m pretty sure the book fairies didn’t put that content there. If you have similar news feed to what I have (I’m sure you do), then you would also realize that people actually still read. If they didn’t, none of them would have shared an selling products

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Did you know books is the most sold items on the internet? E-Commerce earns over a trillion dollars in revenue, and books equate to almost the highest percentage. Books aren’t that expensive and they still bring in billions of dollars every single year. Another interesting thing you should know is about Google.

You see, Google is smart. There goal is to give you the best user experience and best source of information, without you really having to go to the second page of search results. They aren’t the only search engine that is doing that either. Almost 90% of all searches never get past the first page results of Google. Even further more, About 60% of traffic clicks on the top three pages that rank.

The average content length for Google in the top ten page results is 2,000+ words. So if you are running your own business, in a competitive market, do you really think your 200 word post is going to be better than your competitor’s 2,000 word post? I doubt it. That’s just the honest truth.

It’s like saying, you giving me the option of driving the beat up olds mobile or cruising in that Ferrari. Yes, they are both cars but one’s better than the other. Why? Beside the fact one car has more miles than the other one, When you compare, you can tell the people who belt the Ferrari spent more money to build the car, put more effort into the design of the car, and used better material than the olds mobile.

Top page results traffic share

Think about it like that when you look at building content. The more research that you do, as well as the bigger effort you put into creating an article, the better results you will receive. Literally you’ll rank higher in the search results.

Now there are critics out that might be saying I’m wrong. You are probably telling me, that you read some Espn article last night with 250 words. It was a very popular article with tons of comments, which obviously means a lot of people are finding such a small post. Let me set the record straight.average content length

If I were to write that same exact article, and posted it up on my website. I would not get as many likes, shares, tweets as the other guy? Why? Because I don’t have enough content or a lot of pages. My post aren’t huge amounts of writing. Which means Google doesn’t really like me, so they won’t help and boost my rankings.

Espn on the other hand is loved and viewed by millions every single day. They are recognizable, which makes it easy for people to find a 150 word post on their website through google.

If you are a new business owner. Just building a website. You need to fill your website up with relevant, but also well researched, well written content that is long enough. You want to show you actually mean business, and you are staking a claim towards your competitors. Most people can’t make a recognizable, house hold  name website in the first month.

It takes time to build up trust for google, as well as your own personal audience. In the beginning, your audience is stumbling on your website by accident more than likely, and since they don’t really know you. They aren’t going to take all the information you say to heart.

It’s unfortunate, but it is what is and the only way for you to have that trust is by putting a lot of value and information in your website for the viewer. If I go on your website and see a few post, all a couple hundred words, I’ll probably click real fast.

Why? Because it doesn’t look like good information. Even if it was good information it’s definitely not enough to keep me on your website. Which, in turn, means I’m leaving your website to go to your competitors more informative website.

This is why content is still king today. This is why you write a lot. It’s important when you are first trying to get recognized. After you get a good fan base, and plenty of traffic to your website, then you can possibly write a few short post.

Just remember, if you want to consider yourself an authority of your niche to google. Then you need to show google that you believe in having a vast amount of information where your audience doesn’t need to go anywhere else. All there questions are answered from your website.

Also I want you to think about it this way. If you are starting a website, Keywords are very important for getting page rankings on search engines. If you have a 2,000 word post, compared to 200 words. You will have 1800 more words that can possibly rank as keywords. Keywords you might not even thought of. It only benefits you to write long posts. My suggestion if you’re out of ideas on making your post longer.

Whatever the topic is ask yourself questions about it. You can then, turn these questions into possibly headers with detailed answers after. If you can ask yourself questions about the topic I’m sure your viewers are asking them as well and looking for answers. Just remember to do your research.

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Questions and Concerns

Please Leave any thoughts or questions below. Do you agree with Content being King? If not tell me why in details.

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