Is Private Cash Sites a Scam? Yes, Here’s My Insider Review

A new Done-for-you business is on the market and claims to easily generate three to five figures a day. The system is called Private Cash Sites. If you are here then you are probably wondering if Private Cash Sites is a scam or legitimate. Well, I decided to make the purchase so you didn’t have to.

Today, I will be giving you my insider review on why Private Cash Sites is a scam that you should avoid.

Let’s Begin!

Quick Report:private cash sites is a scam

Product Name: Private Cash Sites

Owner: Felicity Sandman Nathan Canfield?


Price: $47 + Upsells

Rating: 1/10

Recommended? No, it’s a scam

Alternative: PCS doesn’t teach affiliate marketing the right way. It’s true, You can make a lot of money with this method. However, it takes hard work and patience, not just a few minutes a day. If you want to learn affiliate marketing the right way with all the tools to succeed, and the BS fat cut out, then check out my #1 recommended Affiliate Marketing Training program that taught me how to build a sustainable online business and even sell one of my websites for $12,500!

Read on for the Full Review

What is Private Cash Sites?

In their words, Private Cash Sites is a,” Revolutionary Proprietary method for making great consistent money through affiliate marketing”

They created a “new system that kills it in affiliate marketing after a couple hours of setting things up for your business”. This is great and all, but I do affiliate marketing myself and there is no system out there that can just print cash after a few hours. I’ve reviewed tons of products and systems and still haven’t found anything that works like they claim.

Affiliate Marketing is a real business and just like any real business it takes time to acquire customers or traffic. Afterwards, you still need to have your business monetized to produce income. If you could print cash everyone would be doing it.

Who is Felicity or Nathan or…?

Felicity is the spokesperson in the video and claims to be the founder and owner of Private Cash Sites. But, if you go to their disclaimer page and scroll to the bottom there’s a guy named Nathan Canfield also being advertised as the owner of PCS. A person that I can’t find any information on either.

To add to the confusion, if you were to promote PCS (Yes, the owners pay people to promote their system even though spots are “limited”) they have a group of people called the Triad excel marketing Team. Neither Nathan or Felicity are on their list of team members.

So this makes it difficult to pinpoint the true mastermind, and also causes a lot of distrust. These are people that have been in the internet marketing industry for a long time but hide their face. There is a valid reason for this.

It’s because when people start realizing a product is a scam the sales decline. When the sales decline the owners will rebundle the system and present it as a new business to attract more victims customers. I will prove this to you later on in my review.

How Does Private Cash Sites Work?

Private Cash Sites is a “Done-for-you” affiliate marketing system that was designed with the newbie in mind. You will receive step-by-step training that teaches you how to get the system set up and “You should see your first commission payments right away within the first day or two”.

There isn’t much more of an explanation that.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Think about your cable provider for a second or your phone service. Companies are always trying to get more customers. So they might say,”Hey, if you get your friend to sign up, we will credit you $50 on your next phone bill”.

Affiliate Marketing is done on a bigger scale where you affiliate yourself with a company or service, promote their products, and then get paid commissions for your efforts. There are different methods to be an affiliate marketer. The most common method is creating a blog with valuable and helpful content and then recommending products you believe are best for your audience.

Private Cash Sites already stated in the video you won’t need to write articles. So this isn’t the method taught, but driving traffic to a product you promote is the basis of what you are doing inside PCS.

True Cost of Private Cash Sites

private cash sites true cost of system

“There are no monthly fee, there are no hidden costs, or anything else to buy. Just the one-time $47 to help cover some of our cost in putting it all together for you”.

This is what Felicity claims in the sales video, but his is a complete lie to convince you to purchase PCS. So let’s go over the real cost of PCS.

Front End Offer

Private Cash Sites System- $47

Private Cash Sites is the “out-of-the-box”  affiliate marketing system that is suppose to bring you commissions 24/7/365. You don’t have to write emails, blog, build a website, spam people, or really anything else because all the hard work has been done for you, including finding the products for you to promote. You are just driving traffic to your affiliate marketing business and turning them into commission payments.

While the cost is $47, if you try to leave and decide to stay on the page a few times they will keep discounting the system until you only have to pay $7 to gain access.

When you gain access you are suppose to receive:

  • Instant Access to 3 Done-For-You Businesses
  • Step-By-Step Training to help set up PCS
  • And a Completely Dedicated Customer Support Team


Private Cash Sites Ninja- $147

Ninja is supposed to provide you with the tools to make you up to 10x more money faster than the basic system. In the upsell video they state a control group was “literally FORCED to earn thousands of extra $$$” with the strategies, shortcuts, and tricks in this upgrade.

Just like the first upsell, if you try to leave they will discount the price to $97.

I didn’t bother to upgrade, but still seemed to have gotten access which I will talk about in a minute.

Platinum Club Membership- $19.95

This is an upgraded membership to the original system. You will receive access to:

  • Weekly Updates on Everything “Make Money”
  • Insider Tips, Direct From Seven Figure Marketers
  • Weekly “Secret” Updates From Explode My Payday on how to turn Your Business into 6-Figure Earnings
  • Blazing Fast Servers For Your Online Business

Six Figure Success Academy- $997

SFSA is advertised as a special members only bonus that gives you valuable training. But this is an upsell to a completely different system from PCS that’s suppose to show you how to make multiple $500 commissions a day. This is done through:

  1. Finding someone with an online course
  2. Helping them sell more with a unique template provided
  3. Putting the online course in front of people who want to buy it

Clickfunnels- Starting $97 a Month

This is where your landing pages are created to promote different products. Private Cash Sites is completely useless without paying for this monthly membership.

Solo Ads- $100’s of Dollars

This isn’t exactly an upsell, but is the method taught for you to drive traffic to your affiliate promotions. No traffic= No sales. As this is the only method you can use to make money with PCS you don’t really have a choice but to pay for traffic if you want to earn an online income.

You are told you won’t be doing any spamming but that is what you are doing with Solo Ads. You pay people that already have an email list to promote your products to their audience.

These are the type of emails that are usually placed in the spam box because people on these list are constantly getting bombarded by different offers they didn’t ask to receive or give you permission to send.

There are other upsells to various products, but I think you get the point there’s more cost than you are told. If you decide to buy everything they suggest to you then you could spend upwards of thousands of dollars before you make your first dollar with PCS.

Inside Private Cash Sites Member’s Area

Inside Private Cash Sites Member's Area

I know you’ve been waiting to see what’s inside Private Cash Sites so it’s time to dive into the training and system you will receive. They claim to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars designing, developing, and debugging the system.

As well as, Hundreds if not thousands of hours testing, tweaking, and confirming that they have put together the easiest to use and the most profitable affiliate marketing system anywhere.

So it must be good, right?


The only thing that’s really given in Private Cash Sites is Landing pages that look exactly like the above image. These landing pages are the “3 Done-for-You Affiliate Business” you receive.

The information taught shows you how to set up a landing page with your different affiliate offers embedded in the website and teaches you how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers through Solo Ads.

They give you a few recommended Clickbank products to promote and any promotion that you do is geared towards others that want to find a way to make money online. Because of this the MMO niche is the only niche you are restricted to for earning an income.

It’s not a pyramid scheme because you are promoting offers outside of Private Cash Sites, but most of the products are borderline scams or low-quality. This also isn’t how top affiliate marketers make their money as claimed in their videos.

For one, not every affiliate marketer promotes MMO products. You have Health, Travel, Sports, Beauty Products, Therapy, and many many more niches and sub-niches that affiliate marketers make money in. I use to have a successful rideshare blog when I drove for Uber and Lyft. That was a niche website that I personally built outside the MMO niche. I built and sold my rideshare website because I wasn’t interested anymore in the niche, but that is just one example.

Secondly, affiliate marketers have complete control over their business. You don’t because you have to rely on the landing pages given, you are forced to promote MMO products which you might not even be interested in, and you have no control over the design of your landing page or website.

The rideshare website I had, I owned the domain name, I came up with the business idea, I chose which products and services to promote, I thought of and created the content, and had control over the methods used for driving traffic to my website. My Rideshare website was a Real business unlike the garbage taught inside private cash sites.

Private Cash Sites Ninja Upgrade

This is the $147 upgrade that is suppose to make you 10X more money with your business. Even though I didn’t bother to pay I got access for free.

Anyone that paid for PCS, I’m curious if you got the Ninja upgrade for free as well once inside the members area?

Anyways… You can see in the image the training you will receive upgrading to PCS Ninja. It’s only a few training modules and it’s very basic training as well.

Most of the training is about motivation and meditation. While this can be good for concentration and relieving stress and maybe a few other health benefits, this is not going to help earn you 10X more money.

For the training side, it’s all garbage too. For example. If you where to click on Video marketing, you are not actually taught video marketing. Instead they talk about the customer buying cycle. Which is basic information that you can find out for free on Youtube.

So as far as value, you are not getting any value with Private Cash Sites or PCS Ninja. It also didn’t cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to create this system. It’s just a bunch of BS told to make you think you are getting something awesome so you make the purchase.

Major Red Flags

So you are probably already convinced this system isn’t right for you. If not, let’s dive into all the red flags that tell you to stay away.

#1. Unrealistic Income Claims

This is a common theme with most scams. They talk about how much money they are making and will consistently show you their payments to prove to you the system works. Even when the income proof is true, lot’s of times it comes from other sources.

Whether it’s from selling their own products in the past or marketing other products as an affiliate, it’s highly unlikely any income proof shown is from using the system advertised.

#2. Rebundled Version of Another Scam

Remember earlier how I said the owners hide their faces because they just rebundle the same system and present it as something new? Well, here’s my proof. Scroll below the video to the disclaimer section and you will see them stating,” Explode My Payday Does Not Guarantee Income or success”.

private cash sites explode my payday

The reason this shows is because Private Cash Sites is the rebundled version of Explode My Payday, a scam I already reviewed and exposed. The systems are exactly the same with the same type of upsells. The owners just forgot to change this important part of the text, and helped me realize I was getting junk before I bothered to make the purchase.

#3. Outdated Marketing Methods

You are promised a brand new method of making money online through affiliate marketing. A shortcut to escape the “rat race”. But all you’re given is some landing pages and taught how to promote other Clickbank products driving traffic with Solo Ads. Solo Ads is just spamming people’s emails without permission and has been happening for a longtime.

It’s not brand new, and not how top affiliate marketers earn money. You need to build a sustainable long-term business if you want to succeed. And there’s no guarantee you will make a ton of money with Solo Ads without spending a ton first. The method can still work, but with most emails going in spam folders it’s not the most effective.

Plus, while Clickbank is a huge website for affiliate marketers to use, they are not the only affiliate program out there. there are tens of thousands different affiliate programs that have different products and different commission payment structures. Amazon, Nike, Walmart, Shutterstock, and Under Armour are all examples of big companies with affiliate programs that can help you create a full-time income.

#4. Deceit About the True Cost of PCS

“There are no monthly fee, there are no hidden costs, or anything else to buy. Just the one-time $47 to help cover some of our cost in putting it all together for you”

This is the statement you are told in the sales video. Other than the $47 you don’t have to pay for anything else. I already went over the cost earlier and showed how you could end up spending $1,000s of dollar if you purchased everything suggested.

Once inside, you are told that you gotta “spend money to make money”. While I don’t completely disagree with that, you can’t tell me it cost this much, and then add “hidden” cost after I already made the purchase. It’s not fair to you.

#5. Limited Spots

Affiliate Marketing isn’t going anywhere. As long as there are customers and businesses want to increase their revenue (Which they do, obviously. Lol) affiliate marketing isn’t going anywhere. It’s a rapidly growing industry with affiliate expenditures and revenue growing every year.

They tell you they have Limited spots do to hosting cost, developers, and customer support staff because it would be too expensive to let more in, but affiliate marketing has a low-overhead cost. Other than time, all you need is a domain name ($15 a year) and hosting (starting $4 a month) to start making money online.

Affiliate programs are free to join and driving traffic to your website cost zero dollars through content marketing. So you don’t need to worry about those cost. Any other expenses you may have aren’t necessary until you start making money if you want to spend as little as possible in the beginning.

There’s no reason to limit the spots because that would be less money for the owners. If they truly did spend over $100,000 on creating this system $47 is not going to recoup any cost if you only allow 10 people inside.

On top of that, Private Cash Sites has it’s own affiliate program to pay other marketers to promote their system. PCS just wants to give you the fear of missing out so you make an impulsive decision to buy without thinking about the product.

#6. Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

You can’t make huge amounts of money overnight as soon as you start. Affiliate Marketing is a real business that takes time to develop and grow an audience. First they say you need a couple hours to get set up. Then they say you only need an hour or so. Finally, they say a few minutes a day is all you need to escape the “rat race”.

Any time you are promised to go rags to riches overnight it’s a big reason to stay away completely. You already know this, but we all hope to find that shortcut. The reality is that shortcut doesn’t exist. You need to spend a lot of time, or a lot of money, or both to make life changing income.

Pros and Cons of Private Cash Sites

Every system has cons, but when the pros outweigh the cons it becomes an easier decision to make. So let’s take a look these.


  • 60 Money Back Guaranteed
  • Possible to make money


  • More expensive than advertised
  • Not Your Own Business like stated
  • Not Likely to make money
  • Outdated Marketing Methods
  • Same Exact System as Explode My Payday

Is Private Cash Sites a Scam?

In my opinion, Yes, Private Cash Sites is a scam. Between the outdated marketing methods, the fact this is just a rebundled version of another scam, and the deceitful sales video, the owners are not here to help you earn money. They are just here to fatten their own wallet.

These are not the type of people to learn from and will only hinder your progress.

The Alternative

Like I said earlier, Affiliate marketing is a great business. But it does take hard work and patience. You can’t have the employee mentality. You need to be willing to put in the effort and not expect results right away. It can take months or even longer.

But if you put your best foot forward, and don’t quit, eventually you can live that dream lifestyle. You just need to have the patience to stick around long enough to see results.

If this is the type of person you are, then I suggest you join my #1 recommended affiliate training program.

They have a Facebook-Like Community for like-minded people all learning how to make money online. They have High quality, step-by-step, up-to-date training modules and videos.

They will host your websites for you without any extra charge, and are the owners are there to hold your hand every step of the way. I’ve been a happy paying member of this program for the last 4 years and they are the reason I have been able to leave the 9-5 and start traveling the world.

The best part, you get two free websites and 20 free lessons before you ever have to spend a penny. No credit card required. Just your name and email. It’s completely free to get started. so check out Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 recommended affiliate training program for people that want to make a full-time income online!

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