What Is A Niche In Internet Marketing?-The Answer’s Easier Than You Think

It’s amazing how many people ask the question, “What is a niche in internet marketing?” Well I’m here to explain what a niche is, and the importance of one. Without understanding the concept; you could possibly make or break your business.

Anybody starting out, especially a newbie, wants results right away. Good results in as small a time frame as possible. You can’t have those results, if you don’t know what you are doing. Even if you did know what you are doing; it can sometimes still take a little while. So, let me explain. what is a niche in internet marketing?

 What Is A Niche

A niche, or niche market, is a specialized sub category, you could say, of a market. For example, Baseball is a niche. A very broad niche that is. So, you would sub categorize it into smaller less competitive niches. New York Yankee Baseball Players would be a niche market.

You are basically taking a broad topic, and subsidizing it into smaller topics. Anyone looking to build an online business needs to understand the importance of what a niche is. Not being cautious, when choosing a niche, can be devastating to your business.

The Importance Of A Niche

You know the saying,”Try to please everyone, and you will please no one.” Well that’s kind of how this story goes. When you create a business, you need to satisfy the needs of a small specific group of people, instead of the needs of the whole. You can’t expect to satisfy everyone. The world isn’t perfect like that. So instead, you satisfy the few.

The more narrow you make your niche; the stronger your business will grow. Instead of just being a jack of all trades, and not being great at all of them, you will have just one trade to sharpen your skills on. This is how you will become the expert of your niche. As well as, this is how visitors will speak more highly of your business.

You are meeting their needs, and solving problems so they will tell their friends with those specific needs to go to you. In turn this attracts more business. More business means more money for you. Remember though, just because you started really specific, does not mean you can’t expand more broad after. Learn about your niche, become an expert, beat up on the low competition, and then challenge the more broad, more competitive niche.

Problems People Run Into When Choosing A Niche

Problems People Run Into When Choosing A Niche

For any newbie joining the game, There are always thoughts running throughout their head. If you are a newbie yourself; think about your own thoughts for a second. You are trying to find a niche, but not sure what to pick.

You of course, in the sense of building a business, want to actually make money with whatever niche you decide to choose. Am I right? even if I’m wrong, most people would agree with at least part of what I’m saying. Here’s just a few issues a lot of people run into:

  • You don’t want to exclude anyone; You want to help everyone.
  • You may think that building on a narrow niche is going to earn you less money.
  • Maybe your just scared of making money.
  • Maybe you’re scared of success.

What you need to know is this; Focusing on a more narrow niche will actually allow you to help more people. Why? It goes back to what I said earlier. Try to please everyone, and you will please no one. Let’s say you deal with healing herbs. More specifically, you know all about different herbs to help heal arthritis.

When people find your website, they will know that you are an expert in this. When those people go to a friends house that is looking for natural ways to heal their arthritis. The friend will mention your website. They’ll talk abut how informative it is, and how it might help them. Thus you are gaining more business because of your expertise.

Now back track a little bit. Pretend, instead of just arthritis, you’re going to talk about all the different pains and illnesses herbs can cure. Now you aren’t an expert. You just know a little bit of information about everything. Now you aren’t satisfying anybodies needs. Do you see the difference?

What People See When You Are More Specificbe an expert in your niche

There are many key essentials to niche marketing. It’s very important to take some time, but not a whole year, to figure what your niche should be. When you narrow things down, people feel like they are important.

Why? because you put a focus on them, instead of the general population. They feel you can relate to them better, and trust you more because of it. These are the biggest reasons why you should focus on a narrow niche:

  • It’s a lot more profitable to choose a narrow niche. Less competition means more customers to you. You are choosing a group you fully comprehend and know exactly how to meet their needs.
  • You are going to have a bigger increase in the amount of referrals that you receive. People know what your specialty is. When their friends start asking questions; people will know exactly which direction to point them in.
  • You will be considered the expert in your niche. You never know; this could lead to bigger and better business ventures with others.
  • Who doesn’t follow the advice of an expert?

Like I said; start narrow and expand out into a more broad niche, once you get established. This is the best way to have a profitable website in a shorter amount of time. If you are doing baseball bats as a niche; explain everything possible about baseball bats.

After, you could consider talking about baseball gloves on your website next. Then baseball helmets. eventually as you are become more of an authority your website will be a able to compete with a more broad niche like baseball.

Your Niche Is Your Foundation; Don’t Forget It!Your Niche is your foundation

Now that you know exactly what a niche is in internet marketing. Use this information to apply towards your website. Be the expert, not the jack of all trades. Having a specialty is what makes you more important and people trust you more.

If you are looking for a great place to help you build a website check out Wealthy Affiliate University. There are thousands of friendly, helpful people eager to help give you ideas. Here’s great tool to help narrow down what your niche is.

Post your questions below. Let me know what your thoughts are. I’m always eager to here from you guys.

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