Is Automated Wealth Network Legit Or A Scam?- Can You Grow Money On Trees?

Is Automated Wealth Network Legit Or A scamThis isn’t Affiliate Marketing. This isn’t Multilevel Marketing. And this isn’t any other Network Marketing Program either. So, what the hell is it?

“Incentive Marketing”

It’s a method that a lot of companies don’t talk about, and the secret way for you to make money online with your own business. Basically, it’s when you refer people through free trials to try companies products and services usually coming from fortune 500 companies like Disney, Walmart, or Target. Essentially, it’s the same thing as affiliate marketing just the name has been changed.

Is Automated Wealth Network Legit or a Scam? This is a question many are going to ask about when referring to one of the newest business opportunities in the internet marketing industry. In 2009, CNN wrote an article stating that there is a 55:1 scam ratio when looking for a legitimate home based opportunity. Automated Wealth Network (AWN for short) is no different when it comes to making money from home.

This company tries to make it sound like it’s different than the rest of the scams out there trying to reel in new victims like catching a fish using bait. Although some things that you do get shown is OK, I do not agree with everything that is taught nor how they can’t be straight forward with you about what you would be doing. As Well as, how much you will actually be spending on the program.

Today, I will be giving a full review of everything that goes on inside Automated Wealth Network. Before you decide to give this program a run for it’s money, read this review so you can know what you would truly be expecting if you were to join.

What Is the Automated Wealth Network System?

awn what it is

This program has a clever design behind it. While the program is free, it’s designed for the owners to make money by signing you up to another MLM company called Power Lead System. Tim Chesonis and Mike Cocan are the founders of this system which was launched in February of 2015. They created the system so other average people, like me and you, can make a full time income without the worry of it being too complicated. They tell us:

“I’m not here to ask you to buy anything or to make false promises”

This of course, is always nice to hear but is never reassuring. Everyone has a motive behind what they are doing whether good or bad. While I recommend an awesome program for you to check out, I also have the motive making money too. It’s how you do it though. I recommend things to help you, but it’s tough to help people when you can’t support yourself. This is why my intentions is also to make money.

The First Thing AWN teaches you

While Tim and Michael may say the same thing, that they are only trying to help you, they aren’t being upfront with you. For example, everything is suppose to be 100% free. However, the first thing they have you do when you sign up is show you how to sign up for MyCashFreebies. They explain this program is where you refer people to get $30 dollars in commission.

When people sign up for these trial offers created by fortune 500 companies, you get paid. But first, you have you to sign up for a couple offers yourself. If you don’t, you won’t get credit. All of these offers require personal information like Name, Address, Credit Card, some even ask for your Social Security number.

Even if it’s a “free” trial, you still need to give that information. So, if you forget before the trial ends (some last only 7 days) then you will start getting charged right away. Some offers, that I’ve done in the past, even charged me the day my free trial started. They could’ve at least been upfront and told us that:

“We are going to give you free training, but some of the things we recommend will cost you money. It is worth it to pay though, because it will help grow your business”. 

At least I will then know what I am getting myself into. I built this website to help everyone that views it. 99% of you will never make me any money. That’s OK. I know the 1% that supports my living will allow me to help all of you. I teach you how to make money online and how to avoid online scams.

If I didn’t make this website, I wouldn’t be able to save people money. They would end up buying into some scam, losing thousands of dollars, because they didn’t make it to my website on time before buying the product/service.

Even though I want to make money, I have a good cause behind what I’m doing. Tim does not have the same. They can’t be straightforward with you and lie. Anytime people do that it’s a bad first impression.

Tim Chesonis Life StoryTim Chesonis scam review

I don’t know his whole life, but based on the video it doesn’t seem like he’s completely straightforward with you. He talks about how he was broke and struggling watching his bank account dip in the red every week because of bills. The $1,725 he made in less than a day was more than he made in two weeks as a pilot.

I didn’t realize pilots made such crappy salaries…Wait never mind. Their average income is $114,200 a year. Not saying that was Tim’s income, but he definitely wasn’t broke.awn average income for a pilot

I don’t like false stories. It tells me your hiding something. Wouldn’t you agree? Makes me question how real this automated wealth system is, but we’ll get back to that later.

How Automated Wealth Network Works

Unless there are huge changes, these are the types of programs that won’t be around for a long time. Once you sign up for AWN, you are trained how to set up other accounts with other programs like MyCashFreebies and PowerLeadSystem.

These programs are up-sells included in AWN training. Right off the bat, you can see you are actually paying for the program.

What happens is they will start off by locking most of AWN until you set up your accounts with the other companies. Once you do, you gain access to the training and you are taught affiliate marketing.

The training is inadequate and most newbie marketers will fail. It’s only video training, no written training, and without much step by step training. A majority of it is power-point presentation.

You aren’t exactly taught how to create your own business. You are, moreover, taught how to make money by promoting the same opportunity. A majority of your training is taught using social media instead of writing content on your website.

100% Free Automated System Doesn’t Include…

When you join, you are suppose to be receiving a program that will automatize the process of making money for you 100% free. However, this is not the case like I explained earlier. It isn’t just missing a little bit of tools. Tim and Michael don’t provide you the most important assets of running an online business. Some of the things not included are;

1.) A Website: Without a website, how are you suppose to market your business? Just send spam links across the web until social media sites block you for being too annoying? You can’t fully expand your marketing strategies without a website.

You have no idea where your traffic is coming from. And, no one online will find you as a credible source. Without a website, you are nothing.

2.) Hosting: This is basically the house your website lives in. If you don’t have hosting, you will never have a business. Going through the wrong website hosting company could cause problems. Make sure you go through a reliable company that has good uptime, security, and fast speeds.

3.) Keyword Research Tool: There are no “click a button and get rich” programs out there. If there was poor people would be obsolete. The best way to make money online is by writing content on your website. This is how you attract traffic to your business.

You need to be able to target your audience (traffic). You do this with keyword research. AWN recommends the Google Planner as your keyword tool, but it doesn’t show you traffic across all search engine platforms. It also doesn’t show you how much competition a keyword has. AWN should create their own built in keyword research tool.

4.) Community Page: There really isn’t any live chat, and their is no social forum either. Instead what they did was create a private Facebook page called “Automated Wealth Network Mastermind”. They say the value in this page of 3,600 members is worth $297. Ya, OK. I doubt that. For something being worth so much, there seems to be a big spam problem in the community. The page is hardly even active.

While there are plenty of other things that aren’t included, this is just a couple of things that really stand out to me. They try to value everything your getting in the program at $1,291, but some of the most important things aren’t even included. I know a program that has all this stuff built into the program for free. So, why do they think they are worth so much?

Cost Of Automated Wealth Network

Automate wealth for free

So, I talked about it a little bit, but I want to go a little more in depth. AWN itself, is technically free at the moment, but you can’t succeed without out spending money here.


This is the first program that you are introduced too. When people try different trial offers, you get a commission. Before you can get a commission, you must first sign up for these trial offers yourself. The cheapest offer you can do is applying for a credit card and getting approved.

This could potentially ruin your credit score if you’re not too careful. In order to make money referring people you have to complete enough offers to equal a full credit. Offers range from 0.04 credits to one full credit. So, more than likely you will have to complete multiple offers handing out your personal information.

By the time you complete the offers, you will probably spend at least $20-$30 dollars with many of the offers recurring monthly if you don’t cancel. Tim and Michael is making a good living off of this part of the training because he’s referring thousands of people to sign up for the trial offers. For this example, We will say you just spent $30 in the first step of the Automated Wealth Network’s training.


The second step in the training, right after up-selling you MyCashFreebies, you get up-sold PowerLeadSystems. This MLM basically tells you the only way to make money is selling what you just bought into. Affiliates are a vital part of a companies marketing strategy. Paying others to market their products only when there are conversions is awesome. You don’t spend money to market your product unless they are guaranteed results.

Affiliate are a need by companies on a constant basis. The more affiliates marketing the program the bigger exposure the company receives. Amazon, Ebay, Microsoft, and so many other Huge companies known across the world do not charge their affiliates to join. So how come a company most people never heard of charges their affiliate $23.97 per month to join their program?

Not to mention, you have to be a customer before you can join the affiliate program. The price to be a customer is $30 a month bringing your total cost for PLS to $53.97 per month. Yikes!

Total Cost

$30 for MyCashFreebies plus $53.97 for PLS equals $83.97 for your first month using AWN. I didn’t even include the cost for hosting and purchasing a domain. Add that to your total cost and your probably looking at about $100 your first month. On top of that your taught to spend money buying leads and using Fiverr for Facebook Likes.

Can you see your cost rising? Automated Wealth Network is The automated system that directs you to other scammy products. Just like many other things you hear. ” If it’s too good to be true, It probably is.”

You can’t generate infinite cash through any system without actually putting work into it. AWN doesn’t seem to disclose that though. Just that you can make  money without effort.


Want To Know A Secret? I Know A Program That Truly Is Free To Start Making Money… Want To Learn?automated wealth system training center

Inside Automated Wealth Network

The way you are taught is terrible. If you are an advanced marketer, then you would more than likely agree that the training is below par. The training is designed for a newbie, but teaches you almost as if you already knew something. It’s a little confusing to follow. I’m going to give you an overview of everything inside Automated Wealth Network.

The 4 Step Orientation Phase

I talked a little about this before, but this section quickly shows you what each step is about.

1.) First training after you join. You are trained to sign up for MyCashFreebies

2.) Next You are taught how to set up your PLS account properly.(2 Steps Two Up-sells)

3.) Now that you have paid money, You learn how to create your affiliate ID’s to earn commissions

4.) Lastly, you get to join The Facebook Group Page. Where the “Top Earners” help you.

awn top performers

These are the top earners for September 2015. They were the ones to get the most referrals in AWN. Even Tim & Michael are included in the standings. If I were to do some math I could create an estimate of what the top 10 performers make. By analyzing the months data, and broadcasting over 12 months.

The top performer averaged 8.066…which earns him $88,3330 (I’ll explain after). The 10th highest performer averaged 0.9 referrals a day which earns him $9,855 for the year. When you join, you are told you will learn how to earn $30 commission.

So, I’m basing my numbers on $30 commission per referral. If you were to combine the top ten performers stats into one person. They would average 2.51 referrals per day and average $27,557.50 per year.automated wealth network mycashfreebies

While the money isn’t terrible, the top ten combined income averaged out to be below the average median income in the U.S. ($51,939) So, just imagine how many people are struggling. There’s not a single millionaire personally teaching you in AWN.

I’m surrounded by millionaires in my virtual community at Wealth Affiliate. You’re a byproduct of your five closest friends, You want to surround yourself with successful people to be successful. AWN doesn’t have any proven millionaires. They don’t even have 10 people out of thousands averaging one sale a day.

Training Center

After you go through the orientation, the next step would be going through the training center. I mean this is where you are suppose to learn all the good stuff to succeed and create that “life-changing” income. I’ve broken down each section for you so you can have a basis of what everything is taught.

Marketing Basics

This First part of the training is actual broken into Five different sections.

  1. The Fundamentals
  2. What Is Traffic
  3. Autoresponder
  4. Automation
  5. Breakthrough


This section has four different videos. Each video with it’s own top.

1.) What Are Affiliate Links– Hence the name, that’s what they talk about. If you didn’t know what they were.  They are a specific link coded with your affiliate ID. This code tracks which affiliates are sending traffic to the program you are promoting.

2.) What Are Lead Magnets- This video talks about what a lead magnet is and why we use them. I’m not sure why they instantly start talking about this kind of information when you haven’t even learned how to build a website yet. This might be relevant to making money online, but it’s not relevant to what I first should be worried about. How about learning the basics of a website instead of what you will be promoting.

3) What Are Landing Pages- Based on what I said up above, I’m sure you can take a good guess about what this video talks about. All the videos in this section are only 2-6 minutes long.

4) What’s An Upsell- Obviously this is what you learn, and You have already experienced it from Tim if you made it to this point in the training.

What Is Traffic

There are three different types of traffic talked about.

  • Blogging Traffic
  • Social Media Traffic
  • Paid Traffic (Ads, PPC, PPV, etc…)

I’m not going into detail about these videos because they are all very basic. Each video talks about the Myths, Benefits, and what exactly each one means.


If you are not sure what an autoresponder is, it’s basically a system that will automate the process of sending mass emails with a click of a button. Every major company that’s online uses these systems for email marketing.

While it is important to your business, I’m not sure why AWN is focused on email marketing when they haven’t even showed me anything about a website.

How am I getting subscribers when I have no website? They also talk about following up with your leads because if you aren’t you could be losing some big money.

Automationpromote any biz with automated wealth network

This is basically where Automated Wealth Network tells you that their system does all the work for you. Although, not really. You still have to work your butt off to gain traffic to your website that you had to pay for. You have to do the blogging on your website. They make it seem like they are breaking a sweat, but it’s you that has to put in the effort. Any business you succeed at involves hardwork. AWN is no different.


This part is probably less about teaching and more about inspiring. You are basically told to breakthrough your mindset and shape into a better one. Don’t listen to the nay sayers. Sometimes obstacles are going to get in the way, but don’t give up. Learn to push through those obstacles because you already know that there’s gold on the other side.

O and… They also recommend you a few books to buy from Amazon. If you click on their link and buy from Amazon, then they get a commission. That’s why the books are there. I also find it annoying how there’s Ads placed inside the training. It’s a distraction and other programs don’t do that.

Fast Start Training

So now you are kind of getting into the training. This is where they start telling you what to do for your website. They teach you how to install a plugin called pretty link before you have actually set up your WordPress website. Which, doesn’t make sense…

They Also recommend where you should get your Domain Name and Hosting. They provide their affiliate link for you to join through.

Guerrilla marketing

automated wealth network reviews Does anybody notice the spelling error made in the presentation? We are all human, I guess. Guerrilla marketing is one of the techniques taught for you to make money. You distribute flyers out to the public, put them on car windshields, post ads on the College Campus schoolboard, etc… While I’m not saying this is a terrible idea, but why are we spending money to throw paper everywhere? I still need to establish myself first.

Social Media Marketing

On the bright side, the training does start getting a little more in-depth. Still under the Fast Start Training, a majority of the videos talk about Social Media. Each video is dedicated to one specific source.

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing

Social Media is another source of free traffic that you can use. When you are showing your face everywhere, you are branding yourself better and helping your SEO. Google loves seeing you in social media. Google will trust you more. While it’s great to learn about Social media, there’s a lot of training missing. What about Google plus? What about Pinterest? There are plenty of Social Media Platforms that give you a lot of traffic. Currently, The most social media traffic I receive is from Pinterest.

Automated Syndication Method

The last video in Fast Start Training, You are basically taught how to set up this tool called IFTTT. It stands for “If This Than That”. This tool is used to perform task on specific triggers, For example, every time I decide to post on Facebook I might want the same thing to happen on Twitter. So If I Post this On Facebook then I want that posted to Twitter

I haven’t actually tested out this tool yet. So, I am not sure how efficient it is. It does seem like a useful tool to have, but not something that should be focused on right away.

Marketing Strategies

Just like Marketing Basics, Marketing Strategies have four different sections. This the part where you will receive the most training from AWN. Unfortunately most of it is just not up to par. They do not teach everything right either, and I’ll explain when I get to that point.

Building Websites

The first section of marketing strategies, you will learn:

  • How to Build Your Own Website
  • Setting up Domain & Hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • An Overview Of Using WordPress in the admin area
  • Creating post with images, videos, adding links in post, using widgets, navigating themes.

I’m not going to jump into too much about this section. The biggest issue I have is there are very little walkthroughs in this program. It’s more like do this, this , and this, but I’m not going to show you exactly how to do it. Some of the training is OK, but the step-by-step instructions aren’t very friendly for a newbie marketer that has no clue what anything means.

Organic Traffic (SEO)

In this section, I’m going to talk a little bit more about it. The reason is because of the importance of SEO. This section really irks me because of what is taught. It’s not bad to teach Search Engine Optimization, but it needs to be taught the right way and Tim and Michael don’t seem to want to to teach you correctly.

The first video shown talks about what SEO is, the myths, and the future of it. One of the myths he goes onto to saying is “Content Is King“, but he calls it false. While he does go on to say having content is good to have for sharing on social media; it isn’t going to necessarily let you rank better.

“Things are weighed heavily on whats going on off the page. Which is called off page SEO”

OK… So this guy must be some SEO guru, right? Wrong! Content is still very much a king. If You have thin content or build content the way you are shown in AWN; you will not be liked by Google. Content Curation is one thing that is taught. This is bad for your rankings. Google Expert Matt Cutts explains it best below. Watch the video.

Original unique content is what you want. 2100+ words of original content is the average length of articles ranked in the top ten spots of Google. This cannot be an automated process. You must create it yourself, not by a computer or you will be copying everyone else’s work.

A few times through the videos, Michael talks about how Google owns 95% of the market. This makes me wonder about how much research he actually does? Google actually only owns about 2/3rds of the market.

Had Michael done his research, he would have known that. I want to learn from somebody that actually knows what they are talking about. Not somebody playing the guessing game.

When it comes to SEO, On-page SEO are the factors you can control. This is where you create the structure of the page and it’s content. You have to start with on-page SEO before you can ever start with off-page SEO.

Off Page SEO is basically when you are promoting your website and gaining quality backlinks. Without excellent content, you will never gain a lot of high quality backlinks. People will only link to your website if they feel there’s value in what you are saying.

Not all the training is terrible. It does teach you a little bit about how to have good on page SEO and the no nos like keyword stuffing, and duplicate content.

Keyword Research

I felt as if this training was based more on theories and myths, than actual facts. Some examples were made terrible and had too much time spent on them. They teach you how to do keyword research with Google Planner although, I do know a better tool.

They try to show that their method works by posting something on Facebook and immediately ranking for it, but the example was wrong. Michael never went into Incognito search so Google knew his search history. Because of this, Michael received relevant results. Facebook being one of them because of his time spent there.

You also learn about Fiverr and buying Facebook likes from people on there. While Fiverr can be a good source to outsource certain task like writing articles, when it comes to traffic and SEO, buying Facebook likes or twitter followers isn’t going to help you very much. Most of the time it’s untargeted traffic that won’t convert when they reach your page.

Fiverr is the Go To for AWN and I just don’t think it’s the best source for certain things. Buying traffic, buying likes or followers, buying quality links, etc… More than likely a lot of this stuff will be spammy and untargeted. It’s just a waste of money. Plus Google might find it odd if you go from zero followers to 2 million followers in a week.

 Content Curation

The last thing under Organic Search’s section. If you watched the video by Matt Cutts, he talked about it a little bit. WordPress has a plugin that takes RSS feeds from different websites and allows you to share their content on your website.

You typically mash up different articles together to create one article. It comes out very similar to the original content and Google can tell it’s not really a new perspective on the topic.

However, this is what you are taught to do in the last training video of this section. It’s also the worst advice you could probably give. All the websites that promote Automated Wealth all look the same and have tons of Duplicate content.

All the websites have been shuffled to the bottom of the deck by Google and have very little exposure by following this training.

Email marketing

This is the third section and doesn’t really have much to teach. It’s only one video a little over 10 minutes long. The video talks a little bit about building a list which will allow you to build a relationship with the customers.

When you build the list you want people subscribing that are interested in what you are offering. To do this you need to ask yourself questions that they are asking themselves on a daily basis. What are their problems and how can you solve them? Will they actually want what you have to offer?

You’ll be shown the perfect sequence to use for emailing your prospects and lean what most people do wrong.

Paid Traffic

awn paid traffic coming soon

The above screenshot is all you see under paid traffic. A 10 second video saying “Coming Soon”. Automated Wealth Network is a fairly new company. Not even a year old, so I can understand why you might not have finished everything. However, most of the training is sub par so they could at least make a sub par video about paid traffic.

6-Figure Secrets

You’ve guessed it! This section shows different 6-figure a month earners speaking on stage spilling out all their dirty little secrets. Each speaker talked about one specific topic. A few of the topics talked about were:

  • Content Ads
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Having A good Opt In Page
  • Etc…

It’s good to watch these speakers, but if your only knowledge about internet marketing is from the training at AWN, then you will be totally lost with what these people are actually saying.

Power lead system

The last section in The Training Center. If you haven’t bought the Power Lead System yet, this is just a reminder. They place this video here so you can feel the need to have a customized landing page sales funnel. You are shown four videos.

  1. The first one is an introduction to PLS
  2. This video talks about the compensation plan
  3. talks a little bit about what you do
  4. Bonus Training

This is just another way to make sure you are spending your money. Once you buy in to PLS you are allowed to sell it. It can make you money, but if you have to pay to be an affiliate then there is no way this is a popular system.

If it was, then PLS would be making enough money where they wouldn’t force affiliates to be not only paying customers, but also paying just to be an affiliate. I have to pay you to market your stuff? It doesn’t make sense.

Marketing tools tab

Now that You have gone through all the training, you need to find some good marketing tools. So, you go over to click on the “marketing tools tab”. It’s nothing free. Just affiliate links showing you where to get your website, hosting, which autoresponder to use, etc…

Every recommended tool cost money, and if you don’t get them you have no chance of making money. This is just disappointing.

Pros And Cons Of Automated Wealth Network

Just like most programs, even if you hate it overall, there are usually a few good things and bad things to the program. This part of the review I’m going to over them.


  • Free To Join
  • Good Platform To Use to gain referrals to PLS
  • They provide you with Marketing Banners
  • Periodically conduct live hangouts with questions & discussions
  • You can make some money


  • It’s not free (I know, contradicting)
  • You don’t learn how to build a solid foundation for your business
  • Training is terrible (Teaches you the wrong things)
  • Doesn’t actually automate your wealth
  • Teaches unethical business practices
  • Tim & Michael aren’t completely honest with you
  • No live chat or Community (Using Facebook is a lame excuse)
  • Doesn’t provide you a website
  • doesn’t provide you hosting
  • Etc…

The list goes on….But, I’m sure you get my point. The program is inadequate, run by dishonest people.

There Are Changes In The Works

AWN 2.0

I do not know everything, but Michael and Tim said there are some really big changes in the making. This might make it more worth it.  I am curious to see what will be offered. A few changes that have been discussed is adding a social media platform.

Until I see the changes I cannot say they have one. So, we will see.  They also won’t be partnered up with MyCashFreebies anymore. Unfortunately, if you don’t get in before the new system arrives, I was told it won’t be free anymore.

This scares me because I’m not satisfied with the “free” training and now you can’t try before you buy. If you are already a member you won’t be charged, but there are going to be multiple levels of memberships.

there will be at least three memberships, from my understanding. When I do see these new changes, I’ll be sure to post another article talking about them so you can see if the changes are worth it to join.

Overview Of Automated Wealth Network System

My review may have been a little bashful, but if the Owners do see my review, I hope instead of being upset they use it to improve their program. Overall I’m dissatisfied with the program, but Tim and Michael are real people, and do interact on Facebook.

I think they might genuinely care, but have not been able to perfect there system. If they are dropping MyCashFreebies, then that’s an improvement. There’s still a lot more work for them to do until I approve of this program.

It does have potential though. The training needs to be completely changed, the upsells have to stop, and maybe having a social platform will make the program look more appealing. The last thing would be teaching you how to promote any business online. Not just promoting in the “make money online” niche.

The Most Powerful Training Platform

This is not the first article that I’m promoting this program in, and it won’t be the last. Wealthy Affiliate is matched by no other. It’s straightforward with you. There are only two memberships (no upsells included). They give you:

  • Two Free Websites
  • Answers To Your Questions Within Minutes
  • Flawless And Secure Hosting
  • 13+ Full, Interactive Classrooms
  • 30 Free Keyword Searches
  • Community Of Over 200,000+ Like-Minded Members
  • Access To Experts And Millionaires In The Industry
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support
  • 20 Free Step-By-Step Lessons To Get Your Business Started
  • Video Training, Tutorial Training, Classroom Training, And Courses
  • Strict Spam Free Environment
  • Once Again, Completely Free To Get started (No Catch)
  • And So Much More

I couldn’t even name everything that is included in Wealthy Affiliate. There is just so much stuff to learn. While Automated Wealth advertises that you will get 10+ hours of video training. At Wealthy Affiliate you will have access to 1,000+ hours of training. Virtually, anything you need to learn about internet marketing; you can learn here. Not only that, you will learn how to make money in any passion you choose. Practically every niche is profitable.

Wealthy Affiliate University- Stop struggling to make money

Questions And Concerns

A review can’t really get more in depth than this one, but I’m not perfect and I’m sure I missed something. If you have any questions, Please Leave Comments. Have you tried the program? Do you think Automated Wealth Network is legit or a scam? Do you have something to add to what I already said?

Best Regards,



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