Nurture Your Business Like A Baby

Nurture Your Business Like A BabyMany people fail to make money online. This is true, but unfortunate. The biggest reason why they fail is because they give up after a few months. They don’t realize what you’re suppose to do. The Truth is, you need to nurture your business like a baby.

nurture your baby quote-Jessica Elwood

Unless you are born into riches, you can’t expect it over night. Creating a business is one of the greatest joys you can have in your life. You work for yourself, you control the operations, you decide when you want to work, you decide how much money to spend. Nobody tells you what to do, except you.

Before you can make millions from your business, you need to take care of it, raise it, shape it into that prodigy like child that will become successful. In this case, your website is your business, but also baby. Just like a child, as your business gets older, they will start taking care of you instead of you taking care of him or her.

You would never rush your baby to get older. You are patient, and instead nurture them by feeding them, getting them different kinds of clothes, teaching them how to ride a bike, etc… Your child is your prized position, your trophy. It’s your greatest accomplishment of your life.

If you kicked them to the dust and malnourished them, like a bad parent, would you still feel the same? Probably not. If you can’t take care of your business the same you would a child, you won’t be successful. I can guarantee that. Now, let me show you how a baby and website can relate.

Naming Your Business (Baby)

The first step you do, after conceiving the idea to create an online business, is naming it. Since this is a website, your domain name is the name of your baby. You wouldn’t call your baby Kell267. You would give them a name that means something to you. You would do the same with your website.

You want to brand yourself so everyone knows who you are. Once you name them, you would find hosting, which is a house to live in in the online world. Hosting needs to be fast, secure, and be able to have enough room for your business to grow and feel protected.

Raising Your Baby

Success comes in many different forms. A baby saying their first word or taking their first step is success to a parent. When it comes to making money online, people forget about the the small steps of success. To a lot of people, if you aren’t making $1,000 your first or second month of trying; you think you aren’t going to be successful and should stop trying.

Before you can make a million dollars, you need to make a thousand. Before you can make your first thousand, you need to make your first penny. Making that first penny is like a baby saying their first word. Once they say their first word, you know they will say a thousand words or a million words. But, you also know just because they said their first word doesn’t mean they will be spitting out words as fast as a roadrunner tomorrow.

It takes time, and you know that. So, instead you just sit there and nurture them. Letting them grow like a flower until they finally blossom. Your website won’t take 18 years to be fully grown, but you do need to give it more than a few months.hard work is what you pay for success

Feeding Your Baby

Feeding your baby is how they will grow. Their body is still developing and needs to be nourished with plenty of nutrients. Building content on your website is how you feed your baby. The more content, pictures, and videos you post the more your website grows.

When you walk down the street, you are more likely to notice a 300 pound man than a small 3 pound baby. The same goes with your website. When you build your content, you are creating more links that connect back to your website. More people will find it.

But, when you build content it’s needs to be high quality. You don’t feed a baby soda because it doesn’t give the essential nutrients to grow healthy. Instead you give them milk. High quality content is the milk you feed your website.

Changing Their Diapers

You don’t always know when to change a baby’s diaper because they don’t always tell you. Other times, they will start to smell or begin crying, which will let you know. You change their diaper and clothes to make sure they are clean, and look cute to all your friends and family. This helps give people the impression that you care and you are taking care of your baby.

Changing themes and the design of your website is one way to make a great impression for your visitors. If your website isn’t attractive, people will leave and find a better looking baby. Don’t be scared to test out different designs. More than likely, your first design wasn’t that great because you were learning.

Now that you have figured everything out see what works better. What makes people stay longer? Is the blue background making it hard for people to read everything on your website? Maybe red is better? You don’t know what works until you experiment with different layouts.

Teaching Your Childnurture teaching child

One of the greatest accomplishments you have as a parent is teaching your child. When they get older and use what you taught to gain much success, you tell everyone around you “That’s my son. I taught him how to play baseball. Now he’s on TV playing baseball for a living.”

You need to teach your website how to be faster. Website speed is a ranking factor in search engine optimization. You teach you website to be faster by using the correct plugins, reducing image size, caching, etc… This sets up your website for a better user experience.

Loving your child

When your child gets hurt, you take care of them. Maybe they scraped their knee. So, you clean their cut and put bandages on it. Google watches you to make sure you take care of your child. Not only do you need to write new blogs, you need to show love to the older blogs too.

Maybe an old blog isn’t performing well because they scraped their knee. updating and editing old content could be the difference between the page ranking number 1 and ranking 100.

Maybe you didn’t add enough information. Or maybe, you have too many grammatical errors and broken links that cause 404 errors. If you don’t evaluate your old post and make adjustments where needed, Google will think you don’t care. This could hurt your rankings. You won’t always need to fix something, but nobody is perfect either.

Supporting Your Baby

It’s tough to be a single parent without any support. I know, my mom had to raise three obnoxious kids while working two to three jobs. Eventually, my mom’s boyfriend came into the picture and helped raise us, but it still was a struggle.

As your baby grows older and you get into arguments, you look to your friends and family for support. What would they do to handle the chaotic situation? You need that same kind of support when it comes to running an online business.

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You are going to fail many times through your journey. Expect it. “It’s not about how many times you fall down. It’s about how many times you get up.”

When you do fall down, you need your friends, family, and anybody else available to help support you when you struggle getting up. It’s one of the things almost every successful person had before they became successful. Without support, a lot of them would’ve given up.

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Questions And Concerns

Hopefully you can relate with me about a baby compared to your own business. If you have questions or something to add, Please Leave Comments, I want to hear what your opinions are. Hopefully you enjoyed the article, and if you did share it with your friends and family. See what kind of support they can give to you in your journey to success.

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