Is Two Dollar Click a Scam?- Not Worth a Dollar of Time

Two dollar click is a website that surprisingly has been around quite a longtime. Are people actually making money with it?

Truth is, there are many red flags that reason why this isn’t the best website for you to earn money online. Today I’m going to do an overview of why I believe Two dollar click is a scam that you should avoid clicking on.

Quick Report:two dollar click scam review

Product Name:

Two Dollar Click

Owner: Unknown


Price: Free Membership; $19.95- $39.95 a month for premium upgrade

Rating: 0/10

Recommended? Total Scam

Alternative: Legitimate Paid to click websites are going to pay you a penny or less. It’s not a viable method to create a full time salary. If you want to earn money that can make a difference in your life you should stop the minuscule clicking and learn how to build your very own online business that can retire you from the 9-5 work week with Wealthy Affiliate.

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What is Two Dollar Click?

Two dollar click is a paid to click website that allows you to earn two dollars for every advertisement you click on and wait 30 seconds before moving onto the next ad. Most ptc websites pay at most one or two pennies per click, making two dollars a click is an extremely high ptc website.

Two Dollar click was created for people that want to promote their products through advertising on the website while members of the website get paid to click on these advertisements.

Unless you upgrade to a premium membership you are shown a limited amount of ads everyday, but the money can add up quickly over a few weeks of clicking on advertisements.

Once you click your way to $1,000 in your account you qualify to get your hard earned paycheck.

Two Dollars Per Click isn’t Sustainable

If you are the advertiser you pay only $5 to receive 1,000 clicks on your ad. However, this doesn’t make sense when you look at the money you’re making per click. $5 for 1,000 clicks equates to half a penny per click that you are paying.

On the other side you are getting paid two dollars for every click you execute. Even if you are spending money on an upgraded account that cost $20 a month you only need 10 clicks a month to break even.

So how is it possible for the advertiser to spend less money than you are earning per click and still get paid? For every $5 the advertiser is paying you are earning $2,000.

Two dollar click would go bankrupt if they were honest and paid everyone that earned money on the website. This is the biggest red flag about the whole business model that shows the unsustainability of paying out two dollars a click.

200% Referral Earnings

Speaking of unsustainable income, if you refer others to two dollar click you will get a commission on their purchases. This is great when there is something you love and want all your friends to know about. The commission you earn can range from 10%, if you are a free member, up to 200% if you are a paying member.

This means when you refer someone and they spend 100$ you will earn 200$ from that referral. So where is Two Dollar Click making money if they are paying out 500x per click and twice as much as they make from referrals? It’s just not possible.

Money Disappears After 60 Days of Inactivity

With the $1,000 threshold before your earnings are deposited into your bank account and the limited ads per day you receive to earn, it can take a few weeks to reach the threshold for payment. If you walk away for an extended time any money you earned will vanish from your account.

This is a huge problem if you get sick, disappear, and then reappear a few months later to finish meeting the threshold. If anything this is another excuse not to pay you for the work you did which I disagree with completely. A paying member that walks away for awhile would have completely wasted spending money on a premium account.

100’s of Negative Reviews

two dollar click review

There are bad reviews plagued all over the internet about how Two Dollar Click is a scam. The recurring theme when you go to these reviews is how no one is getting paid out after the $1,000 threshold has been achieved.

When a program is about you making money and everyone is stating otherwise, it’s a pretty big red flag that you will be in the same boat as them if you follow through with Two Dollar click.

It takes 60 days to get paid once you cash out, and many people have had similar experiences of not getting paid, some being told to upgrade to receive money (which doesn’t make sense to pay to get paid lol), or getting blocked from entering the website once you start complaining.

You can check out some of the negative reviews here.

No F.A.Q. or Privacy Policy

While the process of earning is pretty straightforward, there’s always many questions you would like answered when joining a new program. You can’t find answers to your questions on two dollar click.

Anytime money is involved I believe it’s important to have all the facts laid out for you. Not adding a FAQ page shows the kind of effort the owners have put into this website.

On top of that there’s no privacy policy, which makes me question the possibility of your personal information being sold to third party businesses. I’m not looking to join a place only to get spammed by many other businesses I’m not affiliated with, are you?

Advertisements Just Lead You to Other Scams

Basically all the advertisements that I clicked on only lead me to other ptc websites that were advertising just as high if not higher ptc websites. I already talked about how this business model isn’t sustainable. These advertisements that you are browsing through are all programs that have the same business model of you being paid more than what the advertiser is paying for clicks.

Cost of Two Dollar Click

While there is the free membership, there are two paid memberships as well.

  • Gold Monthly- $19.95 a month
  • Ultimate Monthly- $39.95 a month

Other than two dollar click advertising access to more ads every day there is no info on the monthly memberships. Do you get ads that pay more than two dollars a click? do you get five more ads a day or 100 more?

There is no way of knowing how much extra you get until you already spent the money to upgrade. Which would make sense to do if you knew this was gonna truly pay you what you earned during your time on the website.

With the very little information provided, and the fact the internet is plagued with negative reviews of never getting paid there was no way I was gonna risk the money.

Pros and Cons of Two Dollar Click

Two Dollar Click isn’t a very exciting program, and the pros and cons list sums that up pretty well.


  • Free to Join


  • Unrealistic earnings at two dollars a click
  • $1,000 threshold for payment
  • Won’t Get Paid
  • Paid upgrades without any info on them

Is Two Dollar Click a Scam?

I’ve stated this a few times already, but I’m going to repeat myself again. Yes, Two dollar click is a scam and here’s the summary of what I already mentioned earlier.

1. It’s impossible to pay for clicking on advertisements when you earn more than the cost of advertising

2. The website isn’t very secure which worries me about giving personal information as you never know if you are gonna get hacked.

3. You are viewing other scams as advertisements

4. Every negative review is about the fact you aren’t getting paid, which is the entire point of using Two Dollar Click.

Final Verdict

Between the unrealistic payments that would make a business go bankrupt if they actually paid out, and the 100’s of negative reviews that plague the internet verifying no money being paid out, there are just too many red flags to consider this a legitimate program.

Two dollar click is a scam that should’ve disappeared a long time ago. Until Two dollar click takes it’s last breathe I wouldn’t try breathing any new life into the website.

Any Legitimate ptc website is paying you a penny a click on average. If you are looking for an income that can actually retire you from the 9-5 then I suggest learning how to build your own online business with whatever niche or topic you are passionate about. The best part is you can get started for free!

Have you received any payments from Two Dollar Click? Tell me your experience in the comments!

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