Is Cash with Matt Legit or Just Another Scam?

In the world of making money online there are constantly new products being pushed out onto the scene usually over-hyped and not delivering as promised through their sales pages. I recently ran into another product called “Cash With Matt” and I want to show you if the Cash with Matt system is legit or just another wallet draining scam.

So, let’s dive into what this product truly is.

Jordan Daniels promoting Cash With Matt System

Quick Report:

Product Name: Cash With Matt

Owner: Jordan Daniel, Matt Lloyd


Price: $97, upsells into the $10,000’s

Rating: 2/10

Recommended? No, This is an overpriced, not new product built with expensive upsells that will drain your wallet and finances

Alternative: There’s only one program I truly recommend because it taught me how to build a successful, sustainable business without breaking the wallet. Read about it here.

Read on for the Full Review of Cash With Matt.

What is the Cash With Matt System?

The Cash with Matt System is supposed to be a revolutionary money making system that was created to line your pockets with cash. It was created by a regular guy named Matt who just has a  “knack for making money” and was turning heads when no one in the industry could figure out how he was making millions of dollars.

Luckily, Jordan Daniels, the spokesperson in the video, was able to track down Matt through “contacts” he had to figure out the method Matt was using to make boat loads of Cash. It turned out the system was super simple to use and anyone, no matter your income level, could make cash with this system as well.

Jordan Daniel and his team claim to have made 1.1 million dollars with the exact same system Matt had created and even shows you screenshots of his supposedly legitimate bank account.

Who is Jordan Daniels and Matt Lloyd?

While Jordan goes on to talk about how this system is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, truth be told, the system isn’t new at all. Jordan Daniels is a person that has made these sort of claims of making cash like clockwork before.

He has made dozens of website all with the same claims of huge cash, low-cost, money being made almost overnight, and how there are just a limited amount of spots before you get locked out of the system for good. He’s very deceitful with his claims and how he portrays his business opportunities. Here’s another website that goes into detail about Jordan Daniels and his scams. Watch the video below to see the similarity in Jordan’s approach with other money making opportunities.

Matt Lloyd is the real person behind the product Jordan Daniels is pushing and has been running a company called MOBE since 2011. He is known for selling high ticket products that you purchase and are given a license to resell after.

How Does Cash With Matt Work?

Cash With Matt is the sales funnel to Matt Lloyd’s MTTB 21 step system. You are set up with a “success coach” that personally shows you the secrets of making a 6-7 figure income and guides you through the 21 step program that will show you how to earn $1,000, $5,000, and up, commissions without having to do any of the hard selling yourself.

You don’t have to worry about building websites, calling people on the phone, or anything else you have had trouble with before. The system is a “Done For You” system backed by a team of millionaire marketers to do the selling for you. Because the system is so Propriety and successful Jordan can’t tell you anything else about the product that is suppose to bring you from rags to riches.

However, since this product is so awesome, you are guaranteed $500 plus a refund if you don’t make a sale in your first 30 days. So what’s there to lose (More on this below)?

Anytime you can’t get more information this should always be a huge red flag. There are no secrets to making money online and this program shows you that before you pay a penny.

Cost of Cash With Matt

The truth is, half the steps in MTTB 21 step system involves you purchasing more expensive products that range into the thousands of dollars. Here are just a few of the prices.

  1. MTTB (CashWithMatt) – $97 ($49 if purchased from other affiliates) + $19.95 a month to be an affiliate.
  2. Silver Masterclass –  $2,497
  3. Gold MasterClass- $4,997
  4. Titanium Mastermind- $9,997
  5. and many more high priced products

While Jordan talks about making the Cash with Matt system affordable for everyone, He forgets to mention that there is a lot more cost to the program than what’s being shown. Instead of the $49 MTTB typically cost, he even tries to skim from the top by doubling the price for you. This just shows how honest he really is.

How You Earn $1,000+ Commissions

All of the huge commissions you are shown to make are by purchasing the variety of upsells introduced during your 21 steps and then reselling them as your own products (The coaches do this for you) usually earning 50%-90% (90% on lower end products) commissions on all sales.

If you don’t purchase the rights to sell the higher products and make a sale, all of the money you would’ve earned gets passed onto the person who referred you to MOBE. This is why if you are going to join it’s important to position yourself by buying the upsells, but I do not recommend you do this. Purchasing everything will end up costing you more than buying a brand new car.

The Success Coaches

These “success coaches” are the very same sales team that does the work for you. The coaches guide you through the steps and usually only unlock a few steps at a time. After going through your first few steps with your coach, you will be told that you need to purchase the expensive product to continue.

I have learned, however, that this is not true and they are just being pushy because they want a sale in which they earn a commission from too. You can demand them to unlock the rest of the steps, but if you don’t purchase the upsells they will not coach you anymore.

When a program advertises to me a personal coach for a low price, I don’t expect to have to buy more stuff to maintain receiving help from the coach. I was told they were going to spill all their secrets, but this is just a ploy to get you to buy.

Who Is Cash With Matt For?

Honestly, If you have the cash just laying around to spend. You can make huge commissions with this program. Even some of the training can be valuable. But, I find the program to be too hyped up and this is true for virtually all of Matt Lloyd’s affiliates promoting the program.

I personally could not afford to take the risk with the amount of money you will be spending to succeed compared to the likeliness that you actually will make your money back (most don’t).

Pros and Cons of Cash With Matt

Just because I don’t like a product doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits. So here are a few Pros and Cons to using Cash With Matt.


  • You can make $1,000+ commissions from a single sale
  • You get a personal coach to help you through the learning process
  • The training is laid out in a simple step by step process
  • Does have some valuable training


  • Can only succeed if you go all in and purchase the expensive products costing you $10,000’s
  • You are purchasing products only to resell them yourself
  • If MOBE goes down under, you might not have the knowledge to start your own business

What About the $500 Guarantee Just for Trying?

This is just a marketing tactic to get you to buy thinking you will make money no matter how successful or how big of a failure you are. There is a requirement in order to receive this money, it’s not free. You must go through all the 21 steps exactly as laid out and take action.

This means you have to purchase all upsells that your coach recommends and you can’t skip out of place. So even if you qualify for the $500 guarantee you would have already spent thousands more putting you in the negative.

Final Verdict, Is Cash With Matt a Scam?

A scam isn’t always defined by the products behind the program and more by the deceitful nature of the person selling the program.While the product itself may be decent, Jordan Daniels is a scam artist promising things he couldn’t back up with any legitimate proof.

His screenshots of wealth could have easily been photo-shopped, and looking at the similar nature of his past products that he’s promoted it’s hard to trust the words that come out of his mouth whether truthful or not. Because of his nature, the Cash with Matt system is a total scam when you overhype everything and pretend that you will learn everything and not have to worry after a one-time payment of $97.

The Alternative to Cash With Matt

The best way to have a presence online and make money is with your own website. This gives you full control of the content you create, the products you want to promote, the business you want to become, and doesn’t drain your wallet by spending thousands on overpriced, overhyped products. If you want to create a business with your interest or passion in mind then I recommend you read about the program that I learned everything about internet marketing from.

What was your experience with the Cash with Matt System A.K.A Mobe?


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