Million Dollar Duplicator Is A Scam- Here’s My Review

Million Dollar Duplicator is a scam

Pretty bold statement, but I have to reiterate it. Million Dollar Duplicator is a scam, and I don’t think I really need to say much more than that. Nobody wants to be sucked into a ponzi scheme, and that’s what would be happening if you were to join this “investment” opportunity.

Nobody, and I mean nobody can ever guarantee you are going to make thousands of dollars in your first week or month. You’re basically gambling with this system. But instead, it tells you you win 100% of the time. That just doesn’t happen. Today I’m going to show you why I know The Million Dollar Duplicator System is a scam.

What is The Million Dollar Duplicator

This is a piece of software that deals with binary options trading created by Michael Bradley. Binary trading options, in simple terms, is when you are trying to predict whether an asset (Stocks, commodity, currency, etc…) is going to go up in value or down. For example, if you believe Silver is going to be above $1,232 at 1:30 PM. You would bet money on that prediction happening.

You already know how much money you are going to win before you place the bet. For those that don’t know, binary means 0 and 1 when processing information on a computer. With Binary trade options you either win or lose. profit or make zero dollars.

With Million Dollar Duplicator, you are guaranteed that the software is 100% accurate. You will never lose when you bet your money. This gives you the opportunity to make money on autopilot without ever lifting a finger. Basically, the software can predict the future. If only that was true…

Meet, Founder of MDD, Michael Bradley

mdd edmond clark

Sorry, wrong picture. Okay, Seriously. Meet Michael Bradley

Million Dollar Duplicator owner michael bradley

Hmmm…. That’s strange… Did you guys notice they look the same (Suspicious)? The top picture I got from Facebook, and the one above me I got from MDD’s website. Do you think they sound the same? Probably not, since they don’t have the same name.

When you look at the picture on Michael’s website, it already looks like he’s a fake person. Now that I’ve done some quick research, I know for a fact he is a fake person. This right here, this is your first sign that you are looking at a ponzi scam. I probably couldn’t get more information on this guy even if I tried. He doesn’t exist.

You Are One Of Only 97 People To Be Invited To Use This Free Software

secret invitation to MDD

This is a free software that will make you millions of dollars online. There’s nothing else like it in the world. Because of this, I’m only giving the software to 97 people and you are one of them. That’s basically what this guy is telling you. Now, if I were to have this software and it actually worked like Michael says it does. Why would I give it to random people instead of my own family?

Maybe that sounds greedy, but I don’t know you. I know who my family is, and I love them dearly. I would want to make sure they are all set first. After they are taken care of, I will then take care of you. That’s fair. All you have to do is give me $250 so your free software makes you money on autopilot.

What?! This just sounds contradicting. Even if it made sense, a guy that is known by no one is asking me for money. This is as bad as the Nigerian Prince telling me there’s money waiting for me. By the way, there is no Nigerian Prince. The country is run by a president.

On top of that, if this system really is being given to just a handful of people, why is it that there are other affiliates promoting the product when we all know it’s about to close it’s doors forever?

Million Dollar Duplicator Testimonials

Testimonial of MDD

Testimonials is one of the greatest ways to attract you to buy something. It allows you to see other “real” average people, like you, using the product and enjoying it. Here’s the problem. While you will find legitimate testimonials, you won’t find them here. You see the guy above? He’s the first testimonial that is shown to you.

He talks about how great MDD is, and how he actually made over $10,000 in profit only five minutes into using the software. There are 525,600 minutes in a year. If I were to calculate how much he made in a year based on the five minutes.

He would actually be on pace to make 1.0512 billion dollars for the year. Can you see how outrageous this income claim is? Since he’s making sooo much money, I’m curious to see why he charges $5 for a video testimonial in Fiverr. Oh wait…I get it. Making fake testimonials is how he gets paid. Not actually using MDD. What a scammer, right? He hasn’t even tried the product himself.

million dollar duplicator fake testimonial

So, we have fake owner. We have fake testimonials. And, we have outrageous income claims. I haven’t even gone inside yet. Is this all adding up to you?

What About The Income Reports? Aren’t They Real?

million dollor duplicator income

How do you like my account balance? I’m pretty filthy rich, huh? This is what my account looks like five minutes after I opened it up. See how easy it is for people to photoshop their results? I haven’t deposited a penny and don’t ever plan too. But, I could market this product and lie about my results. Of course, I’m not going to do that, but this just shows you how easy you could do it. I’m not some photo genius, and I was able to do it.

Live Twitter And Facebook Feed

mdd twitter feed

Just like everything else on the website, this has been faked as well. The hopes is you will see this twitter and Facebook feed and feel convinced that tons of other people are loving the system too. Every minute or two a new tweet will post about how great and how much money MDD made them.

The sad truth is you won’t find those tweets anywhere on the Twitter. Type in the hashtags that people use and you will see these tweets don’t exist. Let’s just say they did for a minute, it would go back to the fact this system is suppose to be open to 97 people, not thousands.

So, how can new people constantly be tweeting about this? That would mean thousands of people have joined. So, the video lied to me, again? MDD is just hoping you won’t actually search for the tweets.

Final Verdict Of MDD

I’ve been preaching it through out the article, and now that I have shown you all these different truths and lies. I can say it again. Without a doubt, The Million Dollar Duplicator System is a Big Fat Scam.

Fake Owner, Fake Testimonials, Fake Social Media Feeds, and Outrageous income claims. There is no way you can argue with me otherwise. If you did join, and just so happen to make some money, don’t expect it to last very long.

The video constantly says that the system is closing down soon. This may be the one truth it does tell. Once the system closes down, all your money will more than likely disappear with it. Avoid the scam now before it’s too late.

This isn’t the best way to make money online. If you fall for these scams constantly, then check my 13 tips on how to avoid internet scams. Millions of people lose money every year becoming victims to scams. I too, have had my share of scams. Don’t become a statistic, learn how to avoid scams and tell yours friends and family how to as well.

If you are sick of the scams, then click the green button above to learn about the program that I use. It’s free to get started, and you can “earn as you learn”.

Questions And Concerns

If you have any questions, thoughts, opinions; Please Leave Me A Comment. I’ll be sure to respond to all of them that are posted. Have you tested out Million Dollar Duplicator? Do you think it’s a scam? How much money have you made or lost? If you have any personal questions for me, you can contact me here.

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