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Everybody has a dream. Live Yours follow your passion
Everybody has a dream. Live Yours

When you wake up in the morning what do you wish for? I know when I wake up I think about what I want my life to be like. I want A family a beautiful wife, 3 beautiful kids( just like what my mom did with my siblings and I), A successful career( whatever one that may be), and most of all I want to live happy and pursue my dreams and passions. Don’t you want to follow your passion?

Don’t get me wrong being a billionaire would be fantastic, but having more money than I can spend isn’t really necessary. It most defiantly wouldn’t buy me happiness.

If you actually had all that money would you be happy forever? I doubt it. You would just be a able to buy anything you’ve ever wanted, which would get boring after a little while.

Now your probably wondering what this is suppose to all mean. First I wanted to get you thinking. I feel that’s very important. Nowadays, with all this amazing advancement of technology cellphones, Facebook, Twitter, etc… I feel a lot of people get sidetracked on what they truly want in life because no ones life is hidden anymore.

Too much gossip is going on about a celebrity wearing an ugly colored dress( like who really cares?) and because of this a lot of people keep thinking about about other peoples lives, and wanting to be just like them that they don’t actually think about what they truly want for themselves.

When you grow up a lot of people are all about the money, and some are just about surviving cause they don’t have that college education to make money. But what about when you were a kid? You had the greatest imagination in the world. The pretend best friend, if you were a girl you had a tea party with all your stuffed animals. Dragons, bears, lions, they were all your friends when you were 10 years old.

You actually talked to them and asked if they wanted you to feel up their cup of tea. You laughed, giggled, had a great time even though nobody was actually there. When you were a kid you always talked about being a doctor, cause you wanted to save peoples lives and make a difference, or maybe a lawyer because the good heart in you felt that even bad guys deserved second chances.

Now where are you at? Did you follow those dreams? Could you even afford to follow some of those dreams, because college prices have gone up so much since the 70’s. Or maybe those dreams got lost in transition from being 10 years old to being put into that “Adult” world and everything is just about growing up and dreams aren’t always as real as it seems.

The American Dream for example wasn’t about being filthy rich like some people thought of it to be. Its also not an overnight scheme where you come into this country and expect everything to be handed to you like some people think.

It takes hard work and motivation to achieve the American Dream. Its about having a family and buying a house and car, and living a middle class life. That’s the true American Dream in my opinion. Like I said though, It doesn’t just happen It takes hard work.follow your passion and succeed

So once again I’m gonna ask the question now that you have had time to think about it. Whats your passion? Whats your dream? Where do you want to be in 5-10 years? Now some will say retiring early, some will say they want to travel the world and see everything they can possibly see( That’s my biggest dream). And your passion? Because their is a difference.

My passion is I love sports,I could talk about it all day. Those are the only books I like to read. I also love helping people. Growing up people gave me the nickname Dr.Phil because anytime someone had issues they always came up to me for advice,(didn’t matter how personal it was)because people trusted me and I loved to help them.

To this day I still love helping people. I have had people stay at my house for a month on a few different occasions to give them a chance to get back on their feet. Some people might find it annoying, but its something I always loved doing and haven’t stopped.

In today’s world I feel a lot of people have struggled with following their passion, or pursuing their dreams. People’s hopes have slowly diminished, and I cant say I haven’t had my own days where i felt that way.

But just like the picture on the top, of the flag, I want You to have a chance at following your passions and dreams. I want you to be able to pursue them to the fullest. That’s exactly what I’m doing right now. I’m pursuing my dreams and passions and helping you is part of my process.

You can make it possible
You can make it possible

Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid while you’re talking about the things you love? Well that’s exactly what I’m doing right now as I am typing to you. If you love talking about cars you can write blogs all day about cars and get paid.

  1.  Since you love cars you are probably already a huge chatterbox when cars get mentioned.
  2. Now you get paid while getting to do it.

That’s what I like to call a win-win situation. Wouldn’t’ you agree? When I talk about about pursuing your dreams and passions, its because I’m doing it right now and you can too.

Simply joining this Free program, I am able to talk about things that I already love talking about anyways. Plus, This will give you that income to allow you to pursue what you truly want in life. No credit card is required so the only thing your spending is your time.

Just like how I talked about The American Dream, and how it does take hard work to achieve, this is no different. Its not a get rich overnight scheme. You do have to put effort into what your doing, but is it not worth it if you truly want to pursue your passion?

Click here if you are ready to start pursuing your true passions and dreams. Leave comments and/or shoot me an email for any questions at let me know what you thought about the article. Also check out my About me page as well so you understand my life a little better. Don’t worry I will respond


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