30 Minute Writing Race Challenge

30 mintue writing race challenge

So today, I’m going to show you something. As I have been progressing through the training, in Wealthy Affiliate, there was one section that decided to do a writing challenge towards myself. It basically was a 30 minute writing race challenge( I like to call it). What you do is:
  • Set up a 30 minute timer.
  • Think of a theme or topic to write out about.
  • Come up with questions related to your topic to answer.
  • Write as much content as possible in that 30 minutes.

What I Did With My 30 Minute Writing Challenge

Now, instead of coming up with a topic; I decided I would do this challenge to show all of you how much writing you can actually accomplish. When you just focus on writing, you would be surprised how much can be achieve. And by the way, yes, by the time this post is published, I would have edited everything and done spell checks and checked grammatical issues.

Pillar Article

The point isn’t of me making the post perfect. The point is that if you really put your mind to it you can accomplish a lot. For example, I’m not sure if you have ever heard of a pillar article; But basically what I was told was it’s a pretty long post with over I believe 3000 word count.

The point of creating a pillar article; when it comes to search engines and becoming an authority website, they love to see articles with a lot of content. A very informative article that will probably answer most of the questions you have. You do need to try making everything relevant, but for example:

  • You can do an in depth review of a product of your choice
  • Answer every single question you would ask yourself

You may think, to the reader it is way too much information. Creating one is actually a good thing to do though. If it really has that much information that I don’t feel like reading the whole thing in one sitting. Then I’ll be coming back to that post when I have a lot of time.

The reason? If I am truly looking for valuable information. This “pillar article” will probably answer every question I would ever ask to make an informative decision. whether I wanted to purchase the product or not. I wouldn’t have to go anywhere else. I have all my information that I need on one page.

Pillar Articles Benefit The User And Your Business

The convenience of all this information means; if you have affiliate links on your web page, related to the post, I would be more inclined to click on your link because I got all my information from you. The vast amount of information makes me trust you. Trust you enough to go through your links, that earn you a commission. Pillar articles can help create a great basis for your website to create an authority.

Why Be An Authority Website

Authority websites are always on the top page of Google. This is where most of the traffic goes on specific keywords. Google wants you to have a great user experience when searching the web. An obvious way to look at it is if you are searching the web you’re looking for information. Let’s say baseball cards. The first webpage that pulls up in the search results is more than likely the first one to read. Google wants you to find things with ease.

So when I look at that webpage, my goal is to get as much information as I need. Google knows that. That’s why they will give you a lot of credibility providing your article is relevant, of course. Doesn’t this article make you want to write a Pillar article and become an authority in your niche? Being ranked on top pages is how you make good money. This post that I’m writing is not going to be the length of a pillar article but if you truly are looking for a great way to write quickly.

Take this challenge.

Set a timer for yourself and see how much writing you can do in 30 minutes.

I even want you to post your results in the comments section so i can see how well you did.

I’m honestly aiming for a 1000 words before the 30 minutes is over (although I’m not sure if I’ll make it.)

I’ll let you know at the end of the post how many words I managed to write.

Of course, the published version will be a little longer. But at least you will be able to see my results, so you can have an idea of how long it would take for you to write a good length post. if I was to get 1000 words in 30 minutes that would mean you could do a 2000 word post in say an hour. Since I’m just speaking to you, through this challenge, and not a specific topic my results might be a little better than yours, but not by much.

I’m Still Answering A Question

I’m still answering the question. how long it’ll take for you to write 1000 words? As well as, showing you at the same time.I still have to think as I write this content. I have had a few pauses. I’m hoping this can motivate and challenge you to do better. Don’t procrastinate so much on that big article that you been wanting to write for a week. Just do it. Use this writing challenge as your motivation.

Times Almost Up

writing challenge clock

So at this point, I’m down to 3:20 on the timer with about 800 words in the post. That’s not bad. don’t you think? It’s very rewarding when you perform better than you might have thought. I’m still pretty satisfied with my progress because I’m just an average person like you, nothing special. Well the timer is about to ring so I don’t have much time left… but remember this article is just to show you to set aside all distractions. You can get a lot written in a short amount of time. Remember though, do your research. Read a lot of post before you just jump into writing because it is important to know what you are talking about, not just blabbing on like me….there’s the timer..930 words written In 30 minutes. Now you take the challenge and get that content on your website. Here’s an alarm to use.

Final Notes

As you can see I edited my post. I did however write a good length rough draft pretty fast. After editing, I went from 930 words to 1,190 words exactly. Ya I made a lot of mistakes, but I at least managed to jump on writing an article instead of procrastinating. This is how you take initiative. So do me a favor, please. Go back to your website, school writing project, etc… whatever you need to do writing for and take this challenge.

Post your results below. How many words did you get typed up in 30 minutes?

leave comments and questions below as well. I love hearing from you guys.

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